First Post...

This blog is a spin-off from my other year old blog - Nuggets of our Life.

I just felt that it was time to create a blog dedicated to my posts about food so I can be a more active member of the huge Food Blog community... To that effect, I present to you 'Cookery Corner' !

My other blog will still be there but my writings there will be more about Anushka and just happenings in our life.


  1. Hi Lavanya, I'm first time here, saw your name on creative saga's comment & came here.....btw are u from st. louis MO, I have a sweet lovely girl in my neighbourhood by the same name(reason your name caught my eyes)......but don't see your location so thought of checking your first post & now this is more than co-incidence that her daughter is also Anushka....U got to be her....btw I'm let me know if u r the same person....and yes did I said u got a nice collection of recipes...

  2. Hi Spice, Thanks for your comment here...
    Unfortunately I am not the girl from your neighbourhood in STL. I live in the DC area. It's really neat though to know that there is another laavanya with anushka for a daughter :) a cool coincidence for sure.


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