Monday, June 18, 2007

Cooking from other blogs

Here are some recipes that I've tried from other blogs:

Nupur's wonderful recipe for >Bombay Pav Bhaji
This turned out to be very delicious and authentic tasting, that too without the hassle of chopping onions for the gravy.

Nabeela's recipe for Limeade

Made these over the weekend and they are perfect to beat the summer heat. I also got a good workout whacking the limes and squeezing the juice out of them... not to mention the stress relief this provides. My 20 month old daughter had fun pretending to whack the limes as well along with me.

(sorry I have no pictures of this)

Indira's recipe for Nimona

This made a rich, luxurious gravy and was a delicious deviation of the standard aloo-mutter.

(again, sorry I don't have pictures of this)

There are quite a few recipes that I want to try out and I will post them once I have (hopefully with pictures this time).

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  1. Thanks for trying the pav bhaji recipe! I'm so glad it worked out :)


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