Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ulundhu Saadham (Urad Dhal Rice)

This dish has some unique flavours - there is, of course the urad dhal (ulundhu in tamil) which lends a slight creaminess to the rice, then there is the cumin flavour that you bite into, a slight bitterness from the methi , a hint of garlic and the slight sweetness of the coconut paired by jaggery bits with a subtle saltiness in the background. I know it sounds like too many things going on at once but it's very good. I've had this a couple of times at my home and also at my grandmother's place. This also makes for an ideal post-partum food, by the way.
My husband is also a big fan of this dish and I infact got this recipe from my mother-in-law...


Rice - 1 cup
Ulundhu (White, split Urad dhal) - 1/4 cup
Methi seeds - 1 tsp
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Garlic - 2 cloves, peeled and sliced.
Grated coconut - 1 tbsp
Gingelly Oil (Nallennai ) - 1 tsp
Salt, to taste

To serve:
Gingelly Oil or Ghee
Crushed jaggery
Coconut Thovayal or

1. Dry roast ulundhu in a pan for a few minutes. Don't let it brown. Add this to rice. Also add about 3 cups water (or whatever proportion you normally use to cook rice + a little more for the ulundhu) and salt.

2. Heat the tsp of oil and fry cumin seeds, methi seeds and garlic. Don't let the garlic brown too much. Add this to the rice mixture along with the tbsp of coconut and cook till done.

3. Serve hot, drizzled with some gingelly oil or ghee. My husband loves to sprinkle crushed jaggery on top and I like it with coconut thovayal. Gotsu also makes a good accompaniment.

I would like to send this as an entry for JFI-Rice hosted by Sharmi and originally thought of by Indira.


  1. This is something different.Nice and simple preparation :)
    good entry.

  2. this is a very new recipe to me. looks healthy and sounds delicious. the picture is too good.

  3. Laavanya - one doubt. Do you think garlic will go along with Ulundu? Nice picture. Viji

  4. I have the same doubt as Viji does. I have never tried this dish nor that combo.

  5. Laavanya,

    Nice and simple recipe,good one

  6. hey, adding crushed jaggery is an awesome idea! textures & colors look so good!

  7. Thank you Archana.

    Sharmi, yup it's quite healthy.

    Viji, Suganya, The garlic and the ulundhu don't really clash. Infact, the garlic flavour is pretty mild because we pressure cook it.

    Thank you Sreelu and Richa. True Richa, that's what makes my husband love this dish so much! - the addition of jaggery :)

  8. Unique recipe, looks yum! We make a powdered Urad dal rice similar to this in K'taka.Got to try this:)

  9. A new recipe for me! looks tasty laavanya!

  10. hmm.. never thought of ulundhu and rice together.. must give this a try. it looks good

  11. What an unusual combination...looks delicious! I will try this out soon.:)

  12. Hi Laavanya, thanks very much for stopping by my blog and helping me to discover yours.

    This dish is quite something, how much of the jaggery do you put to serve in the dish?

    Please come back and visit whenever you can.

  13. This dish is new to me. What are those little brown bits in the pic? jaggery?

  14. Asha, Thanks.. I remember seeing a recipe recently with Urad dhal powder.. want to try that sometime.

    Thank you Latha.

    Cynthia, thanks for visiting my blog. Will definitely drop by yours often.

    TBC, I am surprised that not many pple have heard of this... yes those are jaggery bits.


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