Cooking from Other Blogs # 2

Here are some recipes that I recreated at home with inspiration from the super-duper bloggers around. Though there are tons that I want to make, there are only some that I actually got to .... but all in time :)

1) I made Nupur's Undhiyu and Sia's Rajma Masala (sans Mushroom) to go alongwith Chapathis for our dinner - we really enjoyed both dishes. For the Undhiyu, I used frozen Undhiyu vegetables with the masala in Nupur's recipe.

2) Indira's Sprout Stew - more details here

3) Suganya's Vegetarian Dumplings, but with my recipe for Tofu Scramble as filling instead of the one in her recipe because my husband is not a big fan of uncooked Tofu.

4) Raaga's Masala Buns which turned out really good, especially the next day after re-heating it. I changed the filling a bit to include more vegetables instead of potatoes as the main ingredient, added home-grown chives in the buns and also reduced the yeast in the bun recipe to 1 pkt of Active Dry Yeast (2.25 tsp).

Chopped Home-Grown Chives

Masala Buns out of the oven...

5) Asha's Broccoli Cheese Soup sorry no pictures here but we liked it and my husband said it was close to the one he has at the 'Corner Bakery'

6) Vineela's Vangi Baath - which is a hot favorite at home and I'm really pleased because Arun is not an eggplant fan normally except for a few dishes.. - again sorry no pictures.

Thank you all for such wonderful recipes.

I've been given a Schmooze Award by TBC and it was such a pleasant surprise. Thank you TBC. I'm not sure though if I fully deserve it but it sure did bring a smile on my face that stuck pretty much throughout the day. I try my best to be a 'schmoozer' though I am yet to get really good at it :)

The Power of Schmooze Award is for bloggers who "effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don't limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship."

I see quite a few in the blogging community have been honoured already... I'd like to pass on this award to:

Richa of As Dear as Salt
Tee of Bhaatukli
Bhags of Crazy Curry and
Cinnamon of Cinnamon Trail
Sharmi of Neivedyam - Am sorry I missed you the first time, I incorrectly thought that you already got this award until I checked now!

Thank you everyone for making blogging so enjoyable, informative and for being so encouraging and inspirational.


  1. I am so happy that you tried my dumplings. Tofu scramble is such a good filling. Since I dont mind eating raw tofu, I dint even consider this option. Now you have inspired me to try this new filling. Thank you Laavanya!

  2. wow are rocking...making all those in one shot...very nice of you to try out recipes posted by other bloggers...that is indeed very inspiring to all....


  3. Laavanya, lovely post and congrats for the award. Viji

  4. its a gr8 feeling when actually someone tries our recipe and likes it:) thanks lavanya and i am glad to know u enjoyed mushroom-rajma masala. congrats for the award and u definately deserve it:)

  5. Wow... you tried so many recipes. Your buns look better than mine :-) I am so happy you liked them.

    And congrats on the award... very well deserved.

  6. All delicious recipes... with tempting pics!!! Congrats on the award!!!
    And thank you for passing it :) I was all smiles seeing my name.. Thank You Girl!!!

  7. Beautiful dishes Lavanya! :) Congrats on the award. :)

  8. Glad the undhiyu worked out! I am dying to try out those veg dumplings and stuffed buns too. Your home-grown chives look so fresh and green! I have never ever cooked with chives (yet) :)

  9. Laavanya, so many dishes and they all look yum! I specially liked the masala buns.Looks delicious.I will try those too when I come back.
    Glad you liked Broccoli soup ,our fave too.
    My thanks to your hubby.Compliment coming from a guy, it is an honor!Yippee!:))

  10. I too have my eyes on those buns and dumplings. have to try out sometime. Congrats on the award.

  11. you did try quite a few dishes, didn't you :) It is so much fun trying out different cuisines!
    Thanks for the mention sweetie, so very sweet of you :)

  12. Thanks Suganya for letting me know how simple it is to make these via your post.

    Thank you Srivalli, I didn't make these all at one go... This was all over some time.

    Thank you Viji.

    Thank you Sia for such wonderful recipes.

    Raaga, Thanks.. actually your toppings look a lot better than mine. I tried to brush the bun with an emulsion of olive oil, red chilli flakes and dried herbs but most of them stuck to the brush.

    Thank you Cinnamon - you deserve the award.

    Thank you Coffee.

    Hiya Nupur, Thanks.. This is the first time I'm growing and trying chives, I have them in a teeny-weeny pot. They have a fresh oniony flavour to them.

    Thanks Asha. I liked the bun with filling idea (have been eyeing Pusiva's coconut bun too) but this is healthier with the vegs right? :) I try everything to get Arun to eat Broccoli so when there's a recipe he likes I'm so glad - Thanks once again.

    Sharmi - Thanks.

    Richa - Thank you, and you deserve it.

  13. Hi! First time visitor here. Your creations of others' recipes look delicious!

    I do that a bit too. The buns look especially tasty. I'll have to put them on my "to try" list!

    Keep up the great posts!

  14. Your lovely words in my blog itself was just more than enough Laavanya!! That itself feels like I got an Award. Thank you so very much.

  15. Lovely dishes Laavanya! I must try those veggie dumplings...they look so good. Congrats on your award !
    So sweet of you to pass it on...Thanks a lot!

  16. You tried out so many & took pics too.?! See, I always forget to take pics when I make stuff from other blogs.

  17. Hi Lavanya......Amazing recipes dear......they were all mouth-watering :-)) So when r u calling me home..? will come and feast on those :-)

  18. Congrats for the award lavanya!!! U deserve it!

  19. Hey those buns are really cool. Got to make it. Thanks to person who posted the original recipe. Congrats for award.

  20. All the dishes are looking nice :) Congrats for the award :)

  21. Congrats for the award.
    Looks great...appreciate your interest.

  22. Laavanya, yesterday I saw the buns and just went off to raaga's site.
    I too cook many recipes posted in the blogs.
    Congrats on those awards! You deserve it for just this one post itself!


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