Friday, August 3, 2007

Quick & Healthy Meal

Inspired by Indira's sprouts series, I set about sprouting some green mung dhal and tried out her Sprouted Masoor Dal Stew (but substituted with mung dhal and added a bit of ginger). I then coupled this with some grated carrot with yogurt and Peppered potatoes for a complete meal which is nutritious and quick so I thought I'd send it for Shaheen's Summer Express Cooking Event .

Here are the timed instructions...

Minutes 1 to 6
1) Chop onions, green chillies, ginger, garlic and tomatoes for the Stew

2) Cube a potato (to make this even easier, use a boiled potato which has been refrigerated for a while)

Minutes 7-30
2) Heat 2 pans. In the first one, add oil, potatoes, pepper and salt. Toss and let them cook on a medium heat, stirring occasionally.

3) In the second one, heat oil, add seasonings, curry leaves, onion, ginger, garlic, green chillies and toss till light brown. Then add tomatoes, salt, turmeric and once they soften a bit, add the sprouts, water , cover and allow to cook. (Please refer to recipes linked above for measurements)

4) Meanwhile, (while the potatoes and sprouts are cooking) grate carrots and mix this with some yogurt. Add a couple pinches of salt (or to taste)

5) Cut fruits of your choice (I used oranges)

6) Check on the potatoes and sprouts from time to time and once they are done remove from stove, garnish as desired and serve.

This wholesome meal is now ready.

After 50 Minutes...

Well, every bite was a treat - the coolness of the carrot-yogurt balanced the spiciness of the sprouts stew and the potatoes. The oranges were a delicious end to this all. Best of all, I felt really good about this being so healthy.


  1. Lovely entry for the event Laavanya. a healthy plate. Viji

  2. Laavanya -- I am laughing here at the minute-by-minute post! Yes, can see how that came to be after 50 min ;) Looks just delicious!! :)

  3. Great dishes,love the pinkish salad girl.Oops! They are all gone already in the last photo!!:D

  4. great post! loved the before and after pictures.:)

  5. Wonderful meal, tasty and nutritious! Love the after picture...except that if I was eating it, I would have licked the bowls and they would be sparkling white :D

  6. I liked tha after 50 minutes pic
    LOL!!! lovely recipes and very yummy looking.

  7. Great meal!
    Loved your "after" pic!:-)

  8. Great entry laavanya.
    LOL - after 50 mins...

  9. love the timing!good combination of raita ans sprouts.thanks.

  10. Thanks Viji, Linda and Asha.

    Tee, I was contemplating on whether to post the after pic or not initially :)

    Thanks Nupur. I was quite an expert at licking my plates clean when I was young... :D

    Thanks Sharmi, Seec and mallugirl.

    TBC, it was a really good meal.. Thank you.

  11. Hi am new in ur blog, u have great dish over here :)

  12. Very have empty plate so no one demand.....Very nutritious and healthy dish.:)

  13. Very cool! I have the same plate set...


  14. Yum - Laavanya - healthy and creative! This one looks great!


  15. Lavanya,

    excellent dish...
    colorful & nutritious..
    thank u very much for sharing this excellent recipe


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