Peppered Potatoes

The past few days have been peppered with work meetings and I've been trying to catch a breather in between so I can post something. Since time is a bit tight at the moment, I decided on these Peppered Potatoes which is a very simple side.

My mother made these and I absolutely loved them since it was quite different from the usual potato fry and was a great combination with curd rice though I have been known to eat bowlfuls of these just by themselves.



Potatoes - 2 med. sized (well scrubbed since we are not going to peel)
Oil - 2 to 3 tsp
Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Cut Potatoes into small, rather tiny cubes (half an inch maximum)
2. Heat oil, add the potatoes and saute until the oil coats the potatoes.
3. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste, mix well and keep them on medium heat, tossing every once in a while until the potatoes get cooked and are slightly browned on the outside.


  1. looks so good and comforting!

  2. In this case, less is definitely more! Looks delicious.

  3. Roast Potatoes with just salt and pepper is heavenly!:)
    I use baking potato wedges and bake them with spices too.Enjoy.

  4. A very simple yet heavenly dish... the pic is tempting :)

  5. great recipe...quick and simply...i have a similar recipe...will share it one day...pic looks wonderfil...thx

  6. nice recipe for a side dish

  7. Thank you Tee

    Definitely Nupur. I know you love potatoes.

    Asha, you are right, these are almost like fries.

    Thank you Cinnamon.

    Thank you Dilip. For once my pic came out okay.. :)

    Thank you Bhags. It is a simple but tasty one.

  8. thats so simple. do anything with potatoes and it tastes yum.

  9. Heavenly indeed! Very comforting dish with potato and pepper. :)

  10. i love ur potatoes...i like them at koo koo roo b4 and now urs....

  11. That looks so good! I love potatoes in any form.
    The pic is so tempting!

  12. I being a alu lover, found an simple, tasty dish very easy to prepare.

  13. I made this and it was PERFECT for a beginner like me! ^_^ I just added a bit of lemon zest on it at end for enhanced taste and it was still DELISH! ^_^

    Thanks for such a simple but DELISH recipe!

  14. I forgot to include this but I took pic of my dish too. lol Though it might be browner than yours, I like it like that so it was good.

  15. Ceres, am so glad you tried & enjoyed this favorite of mine.. your photo of the dish looks fabulous and tempts me to make this again soon.


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