Thursday, July 12, 2007

Caramelized Sweet Plantains (Nendrapazham)

The first time I tasted caramelized nendrapazham was at my neighbour's house as a teen. Almost all my neighbours were malayalees (there were 4 familes) so I was exposed to a lot of kerala food and loads of malayalam. Most of the time nendrapazham was made into 'pazham pori' - where it was coated in batter and deep fried but this was a variation I loved. I still remember the divine aroma that emanated from Radha aunty's kitchen as she made these. Since my in-laws are from Nagercoil, their food has a strong kerala influence so I had these often when my in-laws visited us.

Knowing that plantains are quite calorie dense and this recipe calls for some ghee as well as sugar I don't make these often but since my daughter has been boycotting all food at her daycare I decided that these would be a nutritious snack for her once she gets back. I couldn't resist myself though and ended up eating quite a bit of these.

Make sure that the plantains are ripe (the skin turns rather black and they become very soft), that way there won't be much need for sugar. Pan-frying makes them crunchy and chewy at the same time... I used a non-stick pan so I could get away with just a light coating of ghee.



Ripe Plantains (Nendrapazham) - 2, peeled and sliced into thick slices
Ghee - 2 tsp
Sugar - 2 to 3 tsp


1. Heat a tsp of ghee in the pan and spread it so a thin layer coats the entire pan

2. Put the plantain slices as a single layer and sprinkle about a tsp of sugar over them uniformly. Keep the pan on medium heat.

3. Turn them over when they brown slightly and let the other side caramelize as well.

4. Remove and repeat with the remaining slices.


  1. those look so yummy & inviting :) i've tasted pazham pori at my friend's!

  2. Lovely caramelised plantains. I can almost taste the sweetness.

  3. Thats very simple indeed! :)

    Good for making quick desserts. :)

  4. Mexicans make Fried banana and serve with Ice cream,so good!:)
    Simple recipes,yummy to eat too.Thanks:)

  5. Thanks Richa. I like pazham pori too.

    Hi Suganya - actually this time the plantains were really good even on their own but a little indulgence made it better.

    Thanks Coffee and Asha. With Asha's idea of icecream to go with this it would make for a good quick dessert.

  6. Did I hear ice cream? That would make a perfect pairing, although I might eat it as it is.

  7. I am not a fan of plantains, rather i hate them...but i think i can try this....thanks for letting it known

  8. this can be served as dessert. hmm yummy.

  9. Simple and easy to make a desserts dish......I try your idea with something different ingredients. Thanks for sharing.:))

  10. This is one of my childhood mom used to make this every time we had a surplus of nenthrapazham at home. Your post has brought back so many fond memories. Thank you.

  11. This post of yours brought back some sweet memories of schooldays,...this was one of my fav evening snack mummy used to prepare...even now, when i am at home, she prepares this....I just LOVE this :)



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