Foodie pictures from long back...

While going through some older pictures I came across quite a few that I took of the food I made, long before food blogs were on my mind...

Almost all of these were taken with our camcorder so they don't have very good resolution and were mostly taken during the 2002-2003 timeperiod.
Just thought that it would be fun to share with you guys...

1) Chocolate cake made for our 1st anniversary

2) Hummus with veggies, tomato soup, garlic buns, hasbrown patties & strawberry smoothie dinner.

3) An Orange pudding I made - don't even remember the recipe now.

4) Our (first) Thalai deepavali

5) Spinach Quiche

6) A yummy onion tart recipe that I saw on television... need to make it sometime soon. It doesn't look too good here but it tasted awesome.

7) Tiny heart shaped cakes for our 2nd anniversary and my amateur decorations.. I still decorate this way.. :) no improvement here.

8) A golf-course chocolate cake that I made for our very good, golf-loving buddy. For the sand I used crushed marie biscuits and made tiny flags using toothpicks. Our tongues were so green after eating this..


  1. Speaking of pictures, what is the dish in the picture on the left blog banner? Every time I visit, my mouth waters when I see that picture!! It looks like something with potatoes and pearl onions maybe? If you could share, I'd be most grateful! Thanks!

  2. how adorable laav..the pics look pretty good..and who said the tart does not look make it soon and give us the recipe :)..and that teddy is so totally punchable ;)

  3. hey, those are some cute pics :) how can u forget the orange pudding, time to dig it up now ;)

  4. ooohh, that hummus with hash brown patties and the quiche look sexy. post the tecipe for the quiche, pls.

  5. Glad tht you saved these pictures cute:)
    Onion post the recipe..
    Golf cake is very nice with you ideas....your hubby is lucky:))

  6. awww... I like those cute heart shaped mini-cakes :-)

  7. Going down memory lane or should i say Foodie lane! Lovely recap of memories & creation Laav... Everything looks lovely!!

  8. Loved orange pudding and golf-course chocolage cake..:)

  9. Those are interesting pics! Love the golf course, and the meal with hummus, smoothie etc..Do post the recipe on hash brown potatoes.

  10. Aw...That's so cute. Loved all the pics. I'm a spinach quiche lover. Hope you post that recipe sometime. Then the orange pudding, cute heart shaped cakes...oh everything looked great. I too have some photos like this. But I don't know where it is. Time to start looking for it.:-)

  11. Love the food pictures.
    Cute looking heart shaped cake

  12. What a fun post this is! Love the golf course cake :)

  13. Oh this is awesome Lavaanya, everything looks so yummy! You better dig up the recipes and post them right away, or else I'm coming after ya! :) The quiche looks perfect and the cute heart shaped cakes...adorable! Golf one rocks!

  14. Lisa, welcome to my blog. Glad you liked that picture :) you can refer to my post called 'Peppered Potatoes' for the recipe. It's super simple.

    Rajitha, Thanks! Will do... oh yes he is one floppy fellow.

    Richa.. thank you. I probably need to look around.

    Thanks bee.. it's been so long since i made them all. I've been planning to make quiche.. will try to do so soon.

    Thanks Raks! :)

    TBC, you really do? i always felt that though the pans were heart shaped the cakes looked more triangular. But it was good portion control :D

    True Seema, I'm glad i took these pictures.. or I would've forgotten I made some of these.

    Seena, Thank you.

    Rachel, will do that... they are very easy to make.

    Kribha, thank you so much for your sweet words. Yes, do dig up your pics so we can take a glimpse.

    Happy Cook - thank you!

    Thank you Sagari.

    Nupur, Thanks.. I had such a fun time making it. Had to add quite a bit of food coloring to get the 2 shades of green though.

    Namratha, You've scared me enough to get working on these pronto!! :) Thank you, you sweet gal.

  15. Dear Laavanya,
    Awww! That golf course cake looks great. That was so sweet of you!!!
    My best wishes to both of you, anniversary or not!

  16. thats so very chweeeeet!!!! Cant stop smiling... :)
    and about the cake decoration... I am even worse. Am scared to even try it out!! :D

  17. What a treat Laavanya! I hope you can quickly recollect all the recipes and post it here. Cannot wait for them :-)

  18. Wow, a qucihe, edible golf course, cakes.. Ohh.. I am still drooling on all of them.. They look so lovely and adorable.. U are a great cook Laavanya!.. Glad u shared with all of us!

    ~ Siri

  19. cute :) especially the first anniversary picture, very romantic :)

  20. The spinach quiche looks amazing!

  21. This was a cool post :) I am gonna check my album too :) and the golf cake is cool too :)


  22. when is quiche recipe coming? i will track and hound till you post it :D


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