Friday, December 14, 2007

Cooking from Other Blogs # 4

Here are some more dishes that I've made from other blogs which we thoroughly enjoyed... I would like to thank all the bloggers once again for taking the time to share such wonderful recipes.

1) Nandita's Egg Curry which is so rich and spicy. A nice change from my usual egg curry.

2) Nandita's Fortified Poha with Soya Chunks - an awesome breakfast.

3) Indira's Mysore Pak was so easy to make and tasted great.

4) Menu Today's Mung Dhal Sambhar which tasted great with idlis. Sorry no pics.

5) TBC's Jaggery Dosa was great to whip up at a moment's notice and was yummy. Sorry but no pictures of this either. I also used her idea to incorporate sun-dried tomatoes in my pesto and loved it.

6) Meena's Spicy Pepper Mushrooms which were simply delightful.

7) Giada's Pasta Primavera and my inspiration for incorporating roasted vegetables in so many of my recipes.

8) Viji's Chow Chow Pitlai which was an instant hit at home. Unfortunately no pictures of this too.

9) Seema's Peas Curry but with Lauki (Bottle Gourd) instead of peas. Was tasty and reminded me of pulinkari a bit. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of this either.

10) Bee & Jai's Cauliflower Xacuti - i mushed up the cauliflowers (unfortunately) but it tasted good.

Thank you all! To check out more recipes I've tried from other blogs click here.


  1. You've been busy! Indira's mysore pak is on my list too. I'm glad you tried my recipes and liked it. My next post is going to be similar. I have tried out so many dishes from other blogs. Hopefully I will post it soon.Things are a little hectic right now.
    I missed your kurma post! It looks so thick and delicious. Would go well with dosas.

  2. Nice choice of dishes. Everything looks great. I have tried some dishes too from other blogs. Waiting to post them.

  3. my have been busy!! it is cold here but yet to snow re..the damn weather losers keep telling every other day that there is going to be inches of snow...but nothing yet :(

  4. wonderfull recipes mysorepak looks deleciouss

  5. Hats of to you Laavanya for promptly trying out so many dishes. Hey, btw my son was also born on Oct 10th and he is 2 year old as well. What a beautiful coincidence :-0)

  6. many recipes , great job

  7. You are not only stopping with commenting on the recipes,but you are trying them and let everybody know...Thats really lovely so that the other boggers too feel happy!

  8. Great job in trying and posting it again...nice way of appreciating other's work!

  9. hey laavanya!! Lovely dishes and i guess each n every recipe you chose was amazing n unique in its own flavour!! I tried Indira's and Sailu's set dosa which was absolutely yummy but just not enough time to post them yaar.
    Have a terrific weekend

  10. It is always lovely to get recommendations from others about dishes. You have also introduced me to some new blogs! I am so hungry after looking at your post.


  11. wow! u'hv been busy trying all these recipes :)

  12. Wow that iw what i call beeing really busy in the kitchen.
    All the dishes look delicious. I am sure your family enjoyed the new dishes u made them

  13. Hey!! Thats really good, been busy cooking i guess! I tried few too yet to post, will do soon!

  14. WOW....I made also mysore pak for this winter but I am not post on my blog. Great work my dear.:)

  15. TBC, they tasted good and I liked the fact that they reqd. lesser ghee. Waiting for your post! Looks like you are pretty busy. Thanks for your words on the kurma too :)

    Thank you Kribha.

    Rajitha, that's what happened to us this weekend. There was all this hype abt a snowstorm but it was just some milk rain eventually but I'm not complaining. Do you really want snow? It's fun to watch how it falls but boy the shovelling is back breaking.

    Thank you Sagari.

    Red Chillies - Thanks. That's really nice that our kids were born on the exact same day. Cool.

    EC - Thanks!

    Raks - thank you for your sweet words.

    Thank you Srivalli.

    Definitely Padmaja... and it adds such variety to our daily cooking too. Set dosa has been on my mind.. thanks for the recommendation :)

    Vegeyum.. am glad that you got to know a few more great blogs...

    Richa.. thanks and that reminds me that I forgot to include your stuffed chillies.. will remember that for my next post! I really enjoyed those.

    Happy Cook - oh yes we did.

    Seema - thanks! Will wait for your post.

    Kajal, do post your mysorepak recipe when you find time and Thank you.

  16. Hi. I was searching for Egg curries and chanced upon this post and I made Nandita's Egg curry. It was fantastic. We had it with rotis and it was simply superb. Thank you so much for the link.

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