Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thai Sticky Rice with Mangoes

This has to be my favorite dessert at Thai restaurants... I love the texture of the plump, short-grained rice fragrant with the coconut and how it pairs so beautifully with sweet, succulent, ripe mangoes - a perfect Summer dessert. I was lucky enough to lay hands on some good quality mangoes and wanted to make this dessert but didn't have the actual Thai sticky rice or arborio and since this was something I decided to do on a whim, I didn't have the patience to run out and actually buy the right kind of rice and instead used the normal rice. The texture wasn't quite what it should be (obviously) but it tasted good nevertheless. The next time, I'll be sure to try this with the actual sticky rice.


Sticky Rice - half cup
Coconut Milk - half cup (I used a canned variety)
Salt - a pinch
Sugar - 1 to 2 tbsp, to taste
Sweet ripe Mangoes - sliced, to serve

1) Cook sticky rice till tender and translucent.
2) On a low to medium flame (important), heat the coconut milk whilst stirring. When it simmers, add the salt and sugar. Taste and adjust accordingly.

3) Keep aside about a tbsp or two of the coconut milk and add the sticky rice to the remaining. Switch off the flame and allow to sit while the rice absorbs the coconut milk.

4) Place the rice in a bowl and arrange mango slices and spoon over some of the reserved coconut milk. You can also toast some white sesame seeds and sprinkle on top for a slight crunch.

We had ours with some Thai red curry and steamed rice for a tasty Thai meal.


  1. woolavanya...its gud to c ur presentation..i too luv thai food...

  2. really really yummy dessert Laavanya! Hey I see some red thai curry in the pic. Where is the recipe? Hope you'll post it sometime.

  3. Wow, the dessert looks very pretty :) Next would be the thai curry? Tempting pict Laavanya

  4. Looks so inviting..Can't wait to try..Love the pic too

  5. Wow,Thai food,Luv to eat other than indian...Very nice presentation dear

  6. have you tried it with black sticky rice? it's even tastier.

  7. Never tried this dessert u are talking about...But love REd curry.. Yum yum!! Miss my fav Thai Restaurant in STL. Not tried any here yet.

  8. nice one laavanya!!!looks great!!

  9. A Treat is waiting for u at my blog:))

    The dessert looks really yumm yumm and very pretty.....

  10. Have not heard of sticky rice...Lovely presentation

  11. The sticky rice looks yummy! Neat presentation.

  12. That looks delicious! I've only heard of this dessert...never actually tasted it. It looks pretty good even with the regular rice.:)Simple enough to recreate at home.

    The packing/preparation is coming along well. Suitcases everywhere and a big mess in each and every room.:)

  13. Laavanya, this looks just amazing. And it's vegan too, which makes it perfect so far as I'm concerned. A must-try.

  14. Wow. so nice. You have decorated it nicely.

  15. Wow...i've seen and heard about it..never had it though...Loely presentation

  16. Laavanya-

    A beautiful display of this dish, make sit more enticing to eat.

  17. Thank you Suma :)

    Uma, oh I just used a red curry paste - nothing complicated...

    Thank you Cham... Not planning to post the Thai curry yet since I just used readymade paste... :)

    Kamala, do try with sticky rice - am sure you'll enjoy.

    Ramya, that's true - it is very popular.. Thank you.

    Thank you Vandana.

    Bee, no I haven't... will look for it next time.

    Seema, I know it wasn't on the menu in the Thai restaurant we went to STL or I would've ordered it :) It's kind of seasonal based on the availability of mango.

    Thank you notyet100, Sowmya, Sireesha, EC, Homecooked & Sangeeth.

    TBC, it's yummy - mango and coconut milk - am sure you'll love it & very easy too.
    Nice to know that packing is progressing well... :) Have fun.

    Thanks Vaishali, I hope you do try.

    Thank you Nithu, Rachel & Mitr... :)

  18. Three things are waiting for you at my blog. Come and collect them.

    I hope you like them!

  19. i have had this in some thai restaurants in singapore, its just so yummy!! didnt know the recipe was so simple :)

  20. Laavanya, we had this with banana instead of mango when we visited Thailand, it was steamed in banana leaves, I think, we quite liked it. For a South-East Asian dessert, it was quite sweet.

  21. The pic of the sticky rice is really pretty! And yes, we're waiting for the recipe for the red Thai curry :)

  22. Thanks Uma will be sure to check it out.

    Nags, I first tasted this at a Thai restaurant in Singapore and was bowled over. It is very simple and am sure you will be able to find the right kind of rice there easily.

    Bananas sound like an interesting variation Sra... the banana leaves would've imparted a good flavour too.

    Thank you A&N... will get around to posting it soon :)

  23. it looks soo lovely havent tasted it .. shall give it a try next time i visit a thai restaurant

  24. awesome presentation. Anything with mangoes must be tasty!:-) Looks great, Kevin. Looks crunchy. I have something waiting for you at my blog.

  25. have heard of this but never made it..looks absolutely delicious!



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