Friday, August 8, 2008

Lemon tea

During my summer holidays when I was in the 9th std, my friend & I went to my dad's office to use the computers there to work on our project... (some BASIC language coding is all I remember of the project now)... but the taste of the hot lemon tea that they made at the office canteen and promptly delivered to my dad's office room still lingers in my mind. It was hot with a golden, honey like colour and lip-smackingly sweet, balanced with the rich tea flavour and tart lemon juice. Tea & Coffee were a big No-No for me and my dad and we thrived on Maltova but we made an exception for this lemon tea... and i had it quite often during the course of that project. Of course, now that I've become quite a tea fan... i make this often at home but I find it a bit hard to be as liberal with the sugar so it doesn't quite taste like what I had long ago but still is satisfying and soothing. It's great when served hot or cold.

Ingredients:Water - 6 to 8 oz
Tea - 3/4 tsp to 1 tsp (depending on how strong you want it)
Lemon - abt half of a lemon
Sugar - to taste

Method:1) Boil the water in a sauce pan and add the tea leaves. Switch off the flame, cover and let it seep for a couple of minutes.
2) Pour this through a sieve. Squeeze the juice of the lemon and the tea will turn into a golden, honey colour. Stir in sugar to taste and serve immediately for the hot version.

3) Or refrigerate this tea and add a few cubes of ice and a mint leaf on top for a refreshing cold drink.

I would like to send this to Easy Crafts who is hosting AFAM-Lemon this month. AFAM was originally thought of by Maheshwari .


  1. H likes to have the hot version (made using tea bags) sometimes after dinner.:D
    I don't care much for either kind.:(
    The cold one does look like a great drink on a hot summer day.

  2. Nice one Laavanya...Gr8 click....Thanks for sharing..

  3. Looks lovely and beautiful Lavanya..I dont drink coffee or tea...Great Picture

  4. looks so refreshing..i make this too it!!

  5. I am big fan of tea, if there is no milk i stick to iced tea :) Love both of them Laavanya!

  6. looks nice .. love having lemon tea especially when I overeat :P

  7. I know of a lemon tea somewhere that's more hot water and sugar than lemon! Same goes for the ginger version, too! One summer, long ago, we used to make iced tea out of packets and enjoy it on our verandah, my grandad, brother and I. Thanks for the memory, Laavanya!

  8. love that lemon tea Laavanya! Beautiful presentation.

  9. lol...i too find it a lil' tough to be liberal with certain ingredients ;) But it gives me immense pleasure knowing that i'm making a healthy dish :)
    lovely for a hot summer day!

  10. Laavanya-

    We used to drink this tea in our home back in India whenever we had a heavy meal and this lemon tea would make digestione asy. Also, great for colds and throat remedies.

  11. Hey lavs,Thanks dear...
    And I have no idea how a tea shud taste..Trust me,have tasted only thrice in my lifetime and that to out of compulsion...But lemon in tea pic is very nice..u always rock dear

  12. woo..luved the second snaps soo much..nice entry...

  13. I somehow am averse to tea, but ur lemon tea looks so good for fan of lemon flavor like me..Thanks for participating

  14. never had lemon tea..i fear the lemon may get bitter in the hot water....



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