Sunday, August 17, 2008

Potato Bondas

I missed the Poori craze last year and only got to posting my version much later but this year, Anita announced a Batata vada party and wanted us to get to work and prepare deep-fried potato goodness... so here I am with a south indian version - Urulaikizhangu (Aloo) Bonda. Mine has a bit of twist since I add a few other veggies as well to go with the potatoes and they are such a welcome, delicious tea-time snack.


Ingredients for the Filling:
Potatoes - 2, pressure cooked till soft & peeled
Carrot - 1, peeled and chopped finely
Beans - about 8-10, chopped finely

Green Peas - a handful
Onion - 1 large, chopped finely
Ginger - 1 inch piece, chopped
Green chillies - 5-6, chopped finely
Coriander leaves - 3 tbsp, chopped

Curry leaves - few, chopped
Chilli powder - half tsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt - to taste
Oil - 1 to 2 tsp
Mustard seeds - half tsp
Urad dhal - half tsp
Channa dhal - 1 tbsp, soaked for a while

Ingredients for Outer Covering:
Besan (Gram Flour) - 1.25 cups
Rice Flour - 1/4 cup
Chilli Powder - 1 tsp or more to taste
Salt - to taste

Baking soda - 2 tiny pinches
Water - enough to make a thick batter (like used for bajjis)
Use readymade bajji mix if you have that on hand.
Oil - to deep fry the bondas

1) Peel and mash the boiled potatoes. Microwave the carrots, beans and green peas with a bit of salt & a splash of water for about 5 to 7 minutes covered till soft.

2) Heat oil and season with mustard seeds, urad dhal, channa dhal, curry leaves, g. chillies & ginger. Then add the chopped onions and saute till translucent and soft.

3) Now add the chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and after a few seconds, add the microwaved vegetables and mashed potatoes. Cook on a medium flame, stirring often until the masala is well incorporated well and the mixture is dry. Toss in the chopped coriander leaves and allow this to cool a bit.

4) Make small balls with this potato mixture (about 2 inches in diameter). Mix the ingredients for the batter with water as require to make a thick batter.. (sufficient to coat these potato balls).

5) Heat oil to deep fry (test if it's hot enough by adding a tiny drop of the batter. It should sizzle and float to the top almost immediately, as opposed to staying in the bottom) . When hot, take each potato ball and dip lightly in the batter to coat on all sides evenly. Drop into the hot oil and deep fry till golden. Serve warm with tea.


  1. Love aloo bonda! Looks great, Laavanya. I like your addition of other veggies in the filling.

  2. delicious bonda! A great snack.

  3. Love the ketchup necklace for the bondas :)

  4. The aloo bondas look delicious laavanya!

  5. omg i hate you :D..looks great bondas of any type...basically love deep fried food..i guess both the A's in ur house would have been super happy with what you made :)

  6. Yum Yum snack.. Sure Big & Little A loved it as much as u did :-)

  7. Perfect evening snack. As divya said with hot tea it tastes soo good. Very nice recipe.

  8. Bonda..Yummy...Gr8 snack My hubby loves it..addg veggies so cool da..If T&T comes to ur blog,I have lots to try...

  9. Who say NO to potato, Yummy & Tasty potato bonda :)

  10. Aloo bondas with tea - an all time favourite.

  11. i love batata vada ... it reminds me of vada pav & those amazing mumbai days .. loved ur version

  12. This is The Spouse's favourite, Laavanya! He buys them in half-a-dozen instalments when the craze strikes and MWs one for breakfast every day!

  13. bondas look really awesome..i love them..

  14. Bonda looks delicious..sauce decoration looks great..

  15. These are my all time favourite ones. Looks yummy

  16. I too love aloo bonda. i make it a bit spicy

  17. Bondas look really awesome and delicious......Love ketchup necklace..

  18. this is coooool. I like aloo bonda so much. and with bun or bread mmmmm too good.

  19. like bondas moer than batata vadas, but am too lazy to make them. yours look delicious.

  20. luv these...i made it and have posted it in my blog long back...a great snack!

  21. Mouthwatering entry, I want to eat right now ;-)

  22. yum! These look perfect for the grey and rainy weather we have here right now! :)

  23. d-lish! healthyfying' the wada are you ;)

  24. Thank you Vani, Divya, Uma, sig & dindin.

    Rajitha, most of the deepfried goodness is definitely tempting... :)

    Thank you Seema.. Big A for sure.. little A - not so much.

    Thank you Shriya.

    Ramya, that's sweet of you to say.

    Very true Cham - thanks.

    It is a winning combination Jayashree - thanks.

    Veg. Platter - thanks. actually I've had vada pav just twice before... and don't remember the taste very much. but the diff. chutneys must add some jazz.

    Sra, what an indulgent breakfast that makes.. :)

    Thank you Sowmya, Lavi, kitchenflavors, SMN & Sireesha.

    Bhawana thanks.

    Bee, yeah I guess this is more spiced up ? I'm making this after 2 or 3 yrs I think.

    Thank you Sangeeth.. will chk out your version.

    Thanks Madhavi - hope you are doing good now.

    Tee, wish I could parcel some over so you can have the perfect snack for rainy weather :) Good to see you.

    Richa, a very feeble attempt, if it can even be classified thus.. :)

  25. Great tea time snack Lavanya...I like the way u added lot of veggies in it...

  26. Wow, these look awesome! I would love to have some :)

  27. great snack with tea...our fav bondas...its look tempting and inviting..

  28. You reminded me again Lavanya to prepare this. So many posts I missed I think. Will go through. Viji

  29. Bonda looks real gud..with the lovely sauce ring :)

  30. Thanks for coming to the Party, Laavanya! What an inviting plate-ful!
    Carrots and beans in addition to the peas! And why ever not!

  31. Iam a Bonda lover and the bonda looks yummy

  32. it is called batawada in Mumbai..the famous wada-pav I love to snack on them often!

  33. hey this is a modification of bata wadas!! my fav! :)


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