Spicy Diamond Cuts

During the Christmas break we were craving for something to munch on and I decided to make these. I have tasted the spicy (salted) version of this and the sweet ones and both are pretty good but only made the spicy ones this time. Though the recipe calls for maida, I used whole wheat flour (atta) mostly and a little bit of all purpose flour. This is perfect with a cup of tea.

Whole wheat flour - 3/4 cup
All purpose flour - 1/4 cup
Butter - 2 tsp, melted
Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp
Chilli powder - 1 tsp (or to taste)
Salt, to taste
Oil, to deep fry


1) Mix the flours with cumin seeds, chilli powder and salt. To this mixture add butter that has been heated and mix. Add water little by little and knead into a stiff dough.

2) Pull apart portions of the dough and roll into thin chapathis. Cut these into small diamonds (first cut horizontal lines about an inch apart and then cut vertically at an angle).
3) Heat oil and deep fry these pieces till golden. It will turn crispy when it has cooled a bit.


  1. Yummy looking cuts, namak para as its called :). Next time try baking them, but adding some baking powder. It turns out great as well. The photo looks delicious, feel like making some tea and running to your house to grab some to munch

  2. the spicy diamonds look very inviting....wud surely go well with tea

  3. In India, I used fry these too, so tasty. Great to eat on cold and rainy day!:)
    Now I cut and fry Spinach and Tomato flavored Tortillas! Want some Kerala food today? Run to FH!:D

  4. diamond cuts looks fab... amma makes sweet version of this...love them

  5. Looks good......I love it when my mom makes these.

  6. Laavanya!! diamond cuts so crunchy!!! You know whats my biggest worry if i make snacks like these, i just can't stop eating and so is rocky!! They are so hard to resist aren't they

  7. Wow!1 Yum Yum Laav!! We call it Thukdi.. It looks so perfect..& making out of whole wheat flour is great idea!Sure A must have got it all over by now, right?

  8. Perfect snack time ....would be a perfect combho with chai ...I will i could have a glass of chai and some of your diamond cuts

  9. These look so yummy and easy to make too. Please post the sweet version of this for me ... will ya ?!!

  10. yum! the only fear in making this is i will eat the whole thing in one go..then go and knead another batch..fry it and eat...i know!! it's pathetic :)...looks great...soo good

  11. one of my fav snacks too!!!! looks yummy!

  12. I love the sweeter version; its called sakkarpara and my mom makes it awesome! I will post the recipe soon:)

  13. Looks good, L:-)
    I really wish you lived around here:-(

  14. Use of wheat flour makes it much mroe healthier than maida..i did them recently with maida.but next time its sure to be wheatflour

  15. Oh yummy... I need some with a cup of coffee now... I have had the sweet version, but I know I will love the spicy ones better :)

  16. We call it shankarpoli in Mysore which is a cousin brother of namak para. I love both of them.

  17. i love the sweeter version though this one is a great snack with tea :)

  18. We call them 'nimki'...and you're really tempting me now...crunch,munch :-D

  19. i like the sweet version better. :)

  20. We make the sweeter version called Shankarpala, but I love having the savoury ones...nice post!

  21. Hi laavanya
    nice blog content.visiting for the first time.
    Greetings to you for new year from Botswana.

  22. Archana, That's a great tip about baking them! Will definitely try it.

    Bhags, they are great with tea indeed. Thanks.

    Asha, that's a cool idea abt frying tortillas. I did check out your awesome Kerala meal. :)

    Remya, true.. but i didn't have the patience to make that as well. Thanks for your sweet comments

    Thank you Jayashree.

    Padmaja, me and my husband are like that too... :)

    Seema, for sure.. i also gave him good competition. Thukdi sounds like a cute name.

    Deepa, thank you.. wish I could send over some during your tea time! :)

    Thanu, I will, when I make it. But i remember seeing sankkarpali posted in one of the blogs recently.

    Rajitha, I'm like that too so I actually got my husband to hide the box and he would ration out my portion every once in a while! I have absolutely no self- control sometimes. :)

    Thank you Ramya.

    So does my husband Manasi. Shall wait for your recipe.

    Thank you TBC.. :) You are welcome to move in to my neighbourhood.

    Sure EC and I don't think the taste was compromised at all.

    Sig, I'm like that too.. prefer the spicy ones and my husband likes the sweet one better.

    Taste of Mysore, thanks.

    Nags, manasi said she'll be posting the sweet version soon.

    Sunita, Nimki is such a cute name!

    Thank you Padma and Raks.

    Anamika,Happy new year to you too. Thanks for stopping by.

  23. ha ha..that is a good one..but at my home i can't do that...coz jeeves will finish it at a go..then i am left with nothing :D

  24. Recently I got a recipe of this and was thinking to make my own..Great with tea, usually buy it.
    I like your avial too, appropriate entry for RCI.

  25. Laavanya,
    I wanted to make the sweet version of this during diwali. But I ran out of time. Never tasted the spicy one before. But my mouth is watering already looking at your pic.

  26. I love diamond cuts, with a weakness for sugar coated ones.....:P

  27. We call them Namak Para and i used to have them a loot. My version is a little bit different though..
    Missing my childhood days, when mom would make lots and lots of these for snacks at home. We fry them too.


  28. hi..just came across ur recipe..i made namak para but they don't turn crispy even after cooling them a bit. i fried them on moderate to high flame but in vain..any suggestions?


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