Spicy Black Bean Soup

We had quite a bit of snow last Thursday and obviously I wanted something hot and comforting to sip on while I watched the huge flakes fall. I love watching the snow fall and how everything looks when covered with snow.. it makes everything seem magical, pure and clean. I had about half a can of black beans leftover after making Quesadillas so decided on a soup recipe that used them up. It was quick and easy and while the soup simmered I did some shoveling so I could get my car out later. It was so good to slurp this spicy soup and I'm sure to make this quite often. This made 3 bowls of soup so go ahead and double it if you want more.


Black beans - half a can
Carrot - 1, big, peeled and chopped into small cubes
Onion - half of a medium
, chopped
Garlic - 3 cloves, chopped
Corn - 1/2 to 3/4 cup (I used frozen)
Whole peeled tomatoes - 3, chopped (I used canned variety)
Oil - 1 tsp
Vegetable Stock - 2 cups
Water - 1 cup
Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt, to taste

Sour cream
Microwaved Tortilla Strips (explained below)

1) Heat the oil and saute the garlic and onion for a few minutes before adding carrots. After a few minutes, add the chopped tomatoes and corn.

2) Add cumin powder and chilli powder and a little bit of salt (not too much). Add in the half can of black beans and the vegetable stock. Add about a cup of water or so to reach desired consistency. Once it comes to a boil, cover and let simmer for about 20-30 minutes.

3) Wanting something crunchy to top the soup, I thought of making some baked tortilla chips but decided on a even quicker method and it worked out great. I cut half of a small flour tortilla into 1/2 inch strips and sprayed them with some oil and microwaved for about 30 -45 seconds. Watch closely because it takes just a second for them to get charred. Let it stand out for a few minutes and it will get nice and crisp.

4) I found the soup spicy enough and so didn't add any black pepper. Season it to taste and ladle into a soup bowl. Top with sour cream (if desired), cilantro and finally the tortilla strips. Very satisfying indeed.

I would like to send this as my entry to Susan's Legume Love Affair event.


  1. I love the third pic!
    You are so lucky to get that much of snow! I really miss the Buffalo- winters now.:-(.

  2. Hey! Thats one yummy soup! Liked all the pictures...Hot & spicy soup on a cold night is so delicious.....

  3. That broth looks so flavourful.

  4. Looks pretty and perfect for this winter weather. I love to watch it snow too, it did on Sat and was pure bliss :)

  5. laav..that looks great...i have been meaning to make black bean soup too..and the tortillas in the micro is a great idea..they look so crunchy!!..u know just on tuesday i went and filled in extra gas so that i am not stuck shovelling the darn snow..and yes! i used it today and will be using it tomorrow too!!...do take rest..as the back does take a lil bit of strain after shovelling :)
    btw. you can send this to well seasoned cook who is hosting something on legumes...

  6. i so luv this soup and it is my fav! I make it quite often only this time wanted to make something else with black beans and made them into a classic mock-up. u can see my post! But hey I luv the view of the snow..it must be so good to cozy up and spoon down the soup!yum! :)

    Hey one quick q! how come its 24th thursday already when its still 23rd night for me here in west coast!I know we have few hrs difference but this is whole day!

  7. looks yum :) perfect for a snowy day :) liked ur tortilla m/w tip !

  8. Lovely soup...i wish i could also enjoy snowfalls

  9. Your bean soup looks quite filling. Liked the garnish. I am not really a "soup" person but have been seeing quite a few good ones around. I might just be won over to the "soup league"!

  10. i so love this soup lav... spicy and filling. loved 3rd pic. what a contrast bet piping hot soup bowl and snow:)

  11. Great soup to have for winter, so yum!:)

  12. wow... What a perfect soup for a snowy day. You must have made your family very happy. Beautiful pictures of the snow too.

  13. Laavanya, Microwaving tortilla strips ratehr than frying 'em, is a very good idea. I am sure to make use of it :)

  14. Thats perfect for too cold day , thansk for sharing Laavanya :) .

  15. Thats so comforting. I know how it feels like after a snow fall. All you want to eat is nice warm n comforting food.

  16. oh, yummy!!! Its been freezing out here in Chicago too

  17. The soup looks so yummy....loved the pics

  18. lovely pics! What is better than a hot bowl of soup on a snowy day!!

  19. thats a yummy and comforting soup lavanya nice picss

  20. Oh that is one excelent delicious soup

  21. that looks so awesome lovely pics.

  22. that looks so awesome lovely pics.

  23. that looks so awesome lovely pics.

  24. Thank you TBC :) Didn't you get snow too?

    Thank you Seema.. I loved it esp. coz it was spicy.

    Thank you Cynthia and Nammu.

    Rajitha, I was prepared for the worst this time because i had to hack through super hard ice last year but it was a pleasant task since it was powdery and fresh. All it needed was a gently push with the shovel. I hardly broke a sweat :) Oh and thanks for the tip abt sending it to the legume love affair.. it didn't occur to me at all. Will do it later today. Thank you.

    DK, i loved your idea and am sure to try it soon.

    Thank you Richa. It went great with the soup.

    Thank you Nags and EC.

    Aparna, I prefer soups to salads any day. Try some and you might switch over to the 'soup league' :)

    Thank you Sia & Asha.

    Kribha, I actually had it all by myself :) No one else was around.

    Thanks Pooja, Suganya, Ramya, Bhags, Sagari and Happy Cook! :)

    Bee, Thank you.. At first glance I thought you Really liked my soup, what with 3 comments to emphasize it :D then i realized it must've been a blogger problem... :)

  25. Hi

    Very beautiful Photos!!!Your blog looks so good.I am a new Blogger ..Plz do encourage me

  26. the soup and hte snow in the background looks sooo comforting and inviting...even i do the same..i LOVE watching the snow fall...well, it doesnt happen so often in this part of the country.. :(

  27. Thanks for visiting my blog...

  28. Perfect for a cold day. Soup looks very yummy.

  29. It is windy and cold here and looks like that soup wld be just what I need

  30. You all have much snow, hmmmm....perfect soup for the winter!
    hey, is yours Kannada cuisine ? I just want you all to add according to the cuisine..

  31. Lavaanya, this was one of the first bean recipes I ever learned to make. I love it still. Thank you for the great entry.

    You can send some of that snow down south a little. We haven't gotten our blizzard yet. It's late for us. : )

  32. The contrast of the snow and the steaming hot soup...too lovely!


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