Oats & Peanut Butter

A dear friend (who blogs at Hunger Pangs) suggested this lovely combination of Oats and Peanut butter and I've been hooked on it since. It makes for a yummy and filling breakfast and I even like the texture of it. I've paired this recent favorite of mine with some other good eats for a very satisfying and feel-good breakfast.

OATS & PB Breakfast

Quaker Old Fashioned Oats - 1/4 cup
Milk (1 %) - 1/2 cup
Brown Sugar - 1 tsp
Peanut butter - 1/2 tbsp to 1 tbsp [I use half]

1) Soak Oats in some hot milk for about 10 minutes. Then microwave it in 1 minute intervals (so it doesn't boil over) for a total of 3 minutes. Adding brown sugar after the initial 2 minutes. I find that it's not too gooey and has a slight bite to it at this point - which is how I like it.

2) When done, stir in the peanut butter.

For a yummy variation: Add Nutella instead of peanut butter for a chocolatey breakfast treat.

Scrambled Eggs

1) Heat a non-stick pan and spray some oil, beat 1 egg and 1 tbsp of milk with some salt and pepper. Scramble on a low to medium flame to desire consistency. I like them well cooked and topped mine with some hot sauce.

Serve with fruit of choice.

NUTRITION FACTS: (1 serving - as shown, with Kiwi)
Calories - 310
Carbohydrates - 38 g
Protein - 16 g
Fat - 12 g
Fiber - 5g

I would like to send this as my entry to Mansi's WBB-Balanced Breakfasts which is an event started by Nandita, the Nutritioniste... :)


  1. Hmm... It doesn't look gooey... If that's the case, you *might* be able to get me to eat it. Slimy oatmeal is one thing I cannot handle!! :)

  2. I do like pre-packed apple Cinnamon oatmeal. Looks like a healthy breakfast L!:)

  3. really a balanced breakfast! good one.

  4. well balanced BF..love the plate on whole.

  5. we have a lot of peanut butter to use up. i love this idea.

  6. Balance breakfast... The oats and peanut butter , my little one should love it

  7. Now to use up the little bit of oatmeal I have left over, I should buy peanut butter :) Sigh! And then I'll come back and look here for a recipe to use up the peanut butter ...

  8. Wow..That is a great entry Lavi..

  9. Looks awesome! Gr8 entry... Healthy stuffs...

  10. PBJ in oatmeal, that neat Laavanya:) and that kiwiw just looks great! thanks so much for participating girl!:)

  11. wow thats a healthy nourishing food!! good entry. hey want to let you know that your name is very nice, we had decided long back when i was pregnant for a while to name our baby as Laavanya if its a girl:) I know my comment is weird:) But seeing your name always reminds me of that time:)
    I am adding you to my blogroll, you have a lovely collection of recipes here:)

  12. peanut butter in a oatmeal wowwwwwwww delecious lavanya

  13. am not much into pb, but would like to try it with almond butter :)

  14. Healthy breakfast.Great entry.

  15. I will have to try this out then. If R says it's good, it must be good. She has good taste. You can tell by her friends.;-)
    Oats in hot milk has such a slimy texture or maybe I don't make it the right way.
    Nice balanced BF...and u've done a calorie count too.:)

  16. Kalai, that slimy oatmeal is a definitely turn-off. This wasn't like that...

    Thank you Dhivya.

    Asha, I've grown to like those too but they do get a bit slimy.

    Thank you Uma and Lavi.

    Bee, this is definitely one tasty way.. we also like PB & J sandwiches which are then popped into a sandwich maker.. so it's nice and warm.

    Thank you Vanamala.

    Cham, I hope your kid does. Can't try on my daughter since she has nut allergies.

    Sra, ha ha.. :D Actually i don't know of too many uses for PB so don't count on me...

    Thank you shankari, Divya, Anu & Mansi.

    Thank you Roopa.. Your comment is definitely not weird.. it's a nice thing to say about my name... :)

    Thanks Sagari - and thanks to Rajitha for suggesting it.

    Richa, i was not into PB but nowadays I've started liking it. Almond butter sounds like a nice variation.

    Thank you Kamala.

    TBC, I second you on that intelligent deduction of yours! :) When I microwaved it for 3 minutes (infact skip the soaking)there's more bite to it and not really slimy. I got it from sparkpeople when I logged this after eating it yday.. so thought it would be nice to have those nos. here.

  17. PB & Oats, now thats an interesting combo :) I'm still thinking on what to send in to WBB.

  18. Nice combi...a balanced breakfast indeed

  19. thats a different way of having oats...lovely...

  20. I have never made oat meal eventhough its a healthy one! Have to do soon!

  21. That's what i call a perfect balance! And I do love your idea of oats and PB, a great way to taking up the protein content and the healthy MUFA (Mono unsaturated fatty acids) that peanuts are rich in.

  22. ooh lovely. i love peanut butter!

  23. Oats and peanut butter that is a unusual combo

  24. Nice variation! Good one Laav!

  25. nice combo... should try this...

  26. I'm intrigued by this combination of flavours and you have inspired me to come up with my own version. Thank you.


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