Monday, November 26, 2007

Vegetable Stew

I've been meaning to post this ever since I posted my Aapam recipe ... but, better late than never... :) As proclaimed earlier, i prefer savoury stews to sweet coconut milk to go with aapams and though i do like potato stew, I started adding more vegetables to it in an effort to make it more nutritious so here's my recipe...


Potatoes - 2, medium, peeled & cut into 2 inch thick slabs
Carrots - 1 big, peeled and cut like the potatoes
Beans - abt 15, cut at an angle (french cut)

Peas - 1/2 cup
Onions - 2, medium, cut into 1 inch slices
Green Chillies - 10 to 15, slit into two
Ginger - 1 inch piece, chopped
Coconut Milk (thick) - 4 to 5 tbsp

Curry Leaves - few
Oil - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Salt, to taste

1) Microwave the vegetables with some salt and little water for 7 minutes.

2) In a pan, heat the oil and season with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Now add the onion slices, ginger and green chillies. Saute this till the onions, soften and brown a bit.

3) Now add the vegetables and sufficient water. Let this come to a boil and then allow to simmer covered for 10-15 minute for all the flavors to blend. Adjust salt as required.

4) Finally stir in the coconut milk and allow to heat through (not boil). Remove from stove and serve this creamy curry with Aapams.

P.S. I think the lighting is to blame for the yellow looking curry in the pictures. This actually looks off-white. Sorry about that. I will update with a better picture later if possible (the next time I make it).


  1. nice! i love coconut milk based gravies!

  2. Try using tungsten balance in your camera when taking pics in artificial light.

  3. Hi Laavanya,
    Stew looks great and good combo for idiaappam and aappam.Thanks for sharing.

  4. slurp... gimme a appam or just a bowl of plain rice and this vegetable stew:)

  5. Like this yellow colour too...
    looks colourful and bet it goes with appam !!

  6. Always loved the color of stew, so beautiful!:))

  7. Laavanya!!
    Vegatable stew and appam are my favourite combination and hey that looks yummy enough to try so don't worry about the picture dear

  8. I've had only potato stews. I don't make it often b'coz of the tedious work involved in extracting coconut milk. Somehow I don't prefer the canned ones for this. Your gravy looks yum with that bounty of vegetables.
    Don't worry about the color. The recipe and taste is what matters the most. I've had the same experience to in photographing my white avail under yellow light.

  9. I love stew. I don't add ginger though. Should try it your way now.
    I was going to ask you how you got the yellow color and then saw your note.:)
    I have that problem all the natural light at all:-(

  10. I totally love Stew with Aapams, yummy as ever. I had this last night at a friend's place :)

  11. stew looks amazing. Laavanya! want to eat it NOW! btw what brand of cocomilk do u use, if i may ask? tx

  12. laav..looks good..i feel like making rotis adn eating this..hey! there was no grinding in can send this to madame sra!!

  13. Laavanya, stew with appam ...ah!! ultimate combo. Perfect for breakfast of dinner. Love it.

  14. lovely recipe thanks for sharing

  15. Hey! lovely stew.. Now i know your Thanksgiving Special BF!!!
    Dont worry on photo, cause we know u make lovely dishes:-)

  16. Your methiwale chole and biscotti looks yummy... Vegetable stew is an awesome combination with aapam i guess.. should try this...

  17. Thank you Nags.

    Suganya, Thanks for the tip. I have been meddling with my camera this evening and I've figured out where I can specify this 'Tungsten balance'

    Thanks MT. I usually made Sodhi (with mung dhal) for idiappam but am sure this will go well too.

    Thanks Sia.

    Oh yes it doesk Raks.

    Thank you Asha.

    Padmaja, we love it too. Thanks for your kind words.

    That is a cumbersome task Kribha.. Have you tried the Chaokoh brand.. I don't have trouble with the taste.. or maybe you could try some coconut powder.

    TBC, do try with ginger next time.. esp. coz you like it.

    Namratha, what a coincidence.. it is so yummy but very filling.

    Thank you Richa.. I normally use the Chaokoh brand (from Thailand) and come in light brown cans. The first time i bought something which was sweet.. awful! Then i found this chaokoh and am quite happy with it. Just have to shake the can well before using.

    Rajitha, you know I've never tried these with rotis... I was thinking about sending it to Sra but then saw she wanted thick gravies and this is quite thin so not sure if i'll meet the specs ;)

    Seema, Thank you. It is a heavenly bfast.

    Sagari, thanks.

    Seema, thanks! The last time i made this with aapam was when uncle (your dad) visited us.. and then now... :)

    Thank you Anu.. yes do try this sometime. It's a crowd pleaser for sure and very mildly flavored.

  18. Even I like savoury soups when compared sweet ones. tastes sooo good with appam. Thanks for the recipe...:D

    ~ Siri

  19. Hey, I tried this kerala stew couple of days back and it turned out great!!! yours looks good too....

  20. This is sooo healthy and yummy, a perfect way to get all those veggies in!

  21. Must be very yummy...the coconut milk does add a distinctive flavour!!!

  22. Whatever the name you call Laavanya, vegetable with coconut milk have got rich taste. Viji

  23. One of my favourite dishes appom and stew.
    When ever i am back at home i have them for lunch or dinner .

  24. Nice stew .. I once had a dish named sodhi ...sounds like that and is that called sodhi?.. would really taste lovely with aappam.

  25. This must be rich and velvety with the coconut milk.

  26. ishtoo, ishtu, or stew? that's the question. :D


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