Thursday, October 11, 2007


On Sundays, my mom would normally skip making breakfast and instead we would have an elaborate, early lunch... This routine was changed only when she made Aapams ... she would serve them with sweetened coconut milk and it was really tasty. As much as I liked the sweet accompaniment to the Aapams, I preferred to pair them with savoury stews (potato or mixed vegetable). My mom would therefore make some potato stew just to make me happy... :) Anyway... I'm giving the recipe here for Aapam and the stew recipe will follow when I manage to get a picture of it.



Boiled Rice - 1 cup
Raw Rice - 1 cup
Aval (Poha) - 1/3 cup
Urad Dhal - 1/4 cup
Methi (fenugreek) seeds - 1 tsp
Coconut Milk - 1/3 cup
Sugar - 1 tsp or more to taste
Salt - to taste
Baking Soda - 2 pinches


1) Soak the boiled rice, raw rice and aval with methi seeds for atleast 4 hours. Soak the Urad dhal separately for atleast 2 hours. Drain them.

2) First grind urad dhal for about 15-20 minutes till soft. To this add the soaked rice and grind to a smooth paste.

3) Add required salt and allow to ferment (like idli batter).

4) When ready to make aapams, add baking soda, sugar and coconut milk diluted with some water and mix well to a consistency of dosa batter (thinner than idli batter).

5) Heat an aapam pan (I have a non-stick one and it makes life so much easier and requires no oil at all). Pour about 2 scoops of the batter and swirl the aapam pan in a clockwise manner so the batter spreads to the edges of the pan. If the pan is hot enough, the batter will coat and hug the sides of the pan. The middle of the aapam is usually thicker and spongy while the edges are thin and crispy.

6) Cover and let cook on a medium to med-high flame until the middle portion is done. Remove from pan. (Aapams are not flipped over like dosais).

7) Serve with sweetened coconut milk or a savoury Vegetable stew.


  1. I have made so many types of Dosas except this. Got to try now!:))
    Looks great L.

  2. hey, appam looks YUM! i too would pair it with a savory dish :) wonder if we get appam pan here?

  3. love it lav... i made appams with veg stew just few days back and savoured it:) will look forward to ur stew recipe:)

  4. I love appam and stew. My husband is the one who always makes the appams when we do have it. Or else it is the frozen kind for us. I cannot be bothered, you see.;-)
    I had posted a veg stew recipe sometime back;-).
    Your appam looks perfect...soft and spongy.

  5. Lavanya,
    how many dishes you tried from others, great , girl..
    appam looks good,love to have it with stew..

  6. Great job on the aapam Lavanya, looks perfectly lacey... :) and I too prefer savoury gravies with appam...

  7. Aapam looks lovely and yum dear..a combo of brinjal stew and apam is soooo comforting..:D

  8. This is my fav too. My sis always likes stew and I like coconut milk. My mom had to get up early and do both of these. Anyway, I love your appam and will wait for the stew recipe.

  9. I use a little boiled rice and fresh coconut instead of poha. I have a appam post too dont know when I will post it:)) your pic looks lovely.

  10. Your Aapam looks great! I love to have this with Vegetable stew...yum yumm!

  11. You have an appa kadai? Wow! That is my next investment when I go to India!

  12. Appam looks so inviting, I never tried this at home, how did u manage to get that shape, can we make it in Kadai?

  13. Its high time, I have been looking all these wonderful recipes, I need to start making them, may be after couple of weeks.

  14. I soooo luv appams..! the last time I made them ( which was my first ) it was a complete disaster! will try this one !

  15. its been years since i had dad loves this! Your aapam looks perfect!

  16. I love aapams...used to gulp a lot when I was in Kerala......Nice one Lavs :-)

  17. Asha, oh you haven't made these yet. These are quite easy.. do try.

    Thank you richa. I got mine from india... my mom uses a normal kadai but I prefer my non-stick one.

    Thank you Sia... Will post the stew recipe soon. My MIL makes a masala curry (with potatoes) which is yummy too.

    TBC, you are one lucky gal to have your husband make these. But I do the grinding while I make my idli batter.. Yes.. I do remember your veg stew recipe :) This recipe works out well for me and is less complicated than the authentic kerala one.

    Seena, it sure was fun making recipes from other blogs and adds variety.

    Thank you Sig :)

    Kribha.. my mom had to do both too since my dad loves his with only coconut milk.

    Sharmi, I tried once with boiled rice too.. ground it in a mixie and added it to the batter. With poha, i don't even separate the two. So fermeting with the ground coconut works ok? That's cool. I await your version.

    Thank you Namratha.

    Yup Suganya I got it soon after I got married along with a puttu kuzhai... :) You should get it.

    Padma, I used an aapam pan which is like a shallow kadai but I know that my mom and MIL use a normal kadai for this. Apparently they make some fried item the day before in that kadai and then empty out the excess oil, then use that ot make the aapam. I find my non-stick pan hassle-free.

    Hima, :) you'll have a good time and yummy food trying out other recipes - am sure.

    Dhivya, do try this recipe.. it has always worked out for me.

    Tee, my dad loves it too.. Thanks :)

    Sirisha, I remember the aapam + mutta curry that you get in Kerala.. I loved those. Yummy.

  18. hey laavanya wanted to tell u during the spinach roti time too..i have the same plate (design..) too...i know it is silly, but i got all happy!

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  20. And I will wait for your mom's stew recipe :-) and then make both together :)

  21. Looks crispy outside and soft at middle ...!we usually dont add coconut milk in the batter and use as a side dish...I will try this next time when I make..:))Thanx for the recipe!

  22. Appom looks super delicious.
    My mom also made appoms on a sunday when we were at home.
    I love them with stew than coconut milk

  23. love appam...ur version is bit different...i dont add urad dal and aval.soak rice for 2hrs.grind it in blender wid fresh coconut,boiled rice.add yeast n keep for ferment...u'll get soft appams...

  24. Cool Appam!!! I luv t all the time. The sweet version just like that and the other with gravies

  25. I like aapam...I saw one more aapam in Prajusha's blog...I don't have the aapam kadai otherwise I would have given it a try...

  26. Those morning rituals and traditions are always so special.

  27. I am still waiting for the stew... :)

  28. Aapam is perfect Laavanya. Was little busy. Viji

  29. oh wow what a aapam dish so delicious i jst wanted to make aapams i love it so much pic of aapams so nice


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