Friday, October 19, 2007

Coconut Burfi

This was the first sweet I ever tried making (for my first Deepavali after getting married) and it definitely did not let me down. This is far easier in comparison to the other complicated ones that require the exact stage of sugar syrup, or have to be removed at a particular moment in order to get the perfect consistency. This is more forgiving and is pretty easy to put together.

This is my 2nd entry to Viji's RCI-Tamil Festivals.



Coconut - 1 cup, finely shredded
Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 tsp + few drops
Cardamom powder - a couple pinches


1) It's best if the coconut is very finely shredded, I run it through the mixie if it's a bit coarse.

2) In a heavy bottomed pan, combine the coconut and sugar on medium heat. The sugar will start melting... Keep stirring.

3) Meanwhile, grease a plate with a few drops of ghee. When the coconut sugar mixture thickens and comes together as a thick mass, add the ghee and cardamom powder. Stir for a few minutes more.

4) Pour onto the greased plate and allow to cool. It will set quite well in about 10-15 minutes after which you cut into desired shapes.

NOTE: In case the coconut mixture is still soft after 10-15 minutes, you can return it to the pan for a few more minutes before letting it set again or roll them into balls with greased hands.


  1. Living in a coconut farm, my ajji used to make these all the time.I love it, looks so good L! Haven't made it in a long time here,will try!:))

  2. I always get tired of the desserts that call for removal at a particular stage or stirring to a particular stage too :)

  3. Looks so good lavanya. Did try your mango pachidi and had success. So, this is going to be tried in near future. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great! looks like this is a tamil favourite! loved your diamonds:)

    btw, could you tell me if you see the post on my blog now?

  5. tengai barfi..btw..did you use fresh coconut or the frozen one..

  6. This is one of my favs. I luv the smell of it so much. Burfi looks great.

  7. I like it warm, right out of the kadai. Lovely!

  8. Hey! I made the same thing last weekend. Was going to post it over this weekend.
    Great minds DO think alike;-)

  9. Yum yum Kobari Mithai, I love this Lavaanya!:)

  10. very tempting. i used to buy this so often from the vendor on my way to college :)

  11. I love those burfis of yours...maybe I should make some.

  12. will try this. i love coconut burfi.

  13. Thank you so much for your interest Lavanya. I really appreciate it. They are perfect diamonds. Viji

  14. Nice recipe! I like coconut burfi simple like this one! Concocted versions never taste this good!:))

  15. Laavanya, yet to receive your email :) Forgot? Please send it. Viji

  16. Asha, Fresh coconuts must really add to the taste. Hope you try it.

    Cynthia, I am yet to master those... :)

    Thank you so much Kribha. Hope you get a chance to try this too.

    Thank you Mansi. I checked your pics and posted again on your blog.

    Rajitha, fresh would be great but I've used frozen several times and it has worked. Frozen ones, I definitely run it through the mixie.

    That's true Rina.. it's so easy to gobble up a few of these.

    Suganya, I've learnt to keep my hand and mouth away for atleast a few minutes after enduring some pretty painful burns. Warm is still good enough for me now :)

    Wow TBC! :) What a coincidence.. Your burfis look fabulous.

    Thank you Namratha and Pushpa.

    Richa, these are really use to make... :)

    Sunita, do try them... it doesn't take too long.

    Bee, You may want to reduce the sugar since this is quite sweet and I remember you mentioning that you like them mildly sweet.

    Thank you Viji. Am glad you like them.

    That's true latha mami.

    Viji, I've mailed you the entries. Wanted to post my venpongal too before sending them all. :)

  17. very delicious looking! my childhood favorite:)

  18. I love coconut burfi in any form or shape. I like with jaggery too! This is the second one, I am seeing today after TBC's

  19. So good. Nice to know that this was your first dessert...


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