Friday, October 26, 2007

Potato - Lima Beans Fry

Who doesn't love Potato Fry? It's a simple yet classic dish. Normally I wouldn't want to change it too much except for maybe adding some sliced onion or some ginger garlic paste to it, if at all I get bored with it. But this time, I decided to add some baby lima beans to add some protein and fiber to this hot favorite.



Potatoes - 2, boiled, peeled and cut into chunks
Baby Lima Beans - 1 cup
Chilli Powder - 1 tsp
Sambar Powder - 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tsp
Oil - 1 tbsp
Salt, to taste


1) I prefer to refrigerate the boiled potatoes before cutting them. They hold their shape better that way. Microwave the Lima beans with 1/4 cup water and salt for about 10-15 minutes till soft.

2) In a deep skillet, add the oil and immediately add the powders. Seconds later, add the potato cubes and mix well. Add the Lima beans as well and let the spices coat everything. Cover and keep on medium flame for about 10-15 minutes. Remove the cover and let it cook until it browns and gets crispy.


  1. Slurp!! Excellent Laavanya!:))

  2. Potatoes in any form...I love it. Especially this, with lima beans is an absolute yummy curry. Love it.

  3. Yumm... Delicious.. perfect with hot rotis :)

  4. I love potatoes:) Would go so well with some rasam.
    The adddition of lima beans does add a lot of protein to the dish not to mention the cholesterol lowering fibre.

  5. Laavanya, I just loved this recipe,thx!

  6. I luv this combo, and this would be perfect with rice and sambar.

  7. do u use frozen lima?
    such a flavorful & quick to make dish, slurrrp ;)

  8. potatoes..will try the lima combo...

  9. aaahaaaha.....Vedi vedi annam...eee koora.....aaaha naa Raja :-))))
    Nice one lavs :-))

  10. Is it fresh lima beans? or frozen? Looks so good!

  11. these day I too cook a lot of lima:) today I did stir fry like in Viji's blog. your combi is fantastic. BTW I tried your microwave tindora. it came out well but was a little dry. what should I do about that?

  12. Thank you Asha.

    That's true Kribha, Quite a few of us have a weakness for potatoes.

    Thank you Cinnamon.

    Yes TBC, we did have it with rasam... :)

    Thank you Bindiya

    Rina, this combo did taste very good.

    Richa, yes I used the frozen baby lima beans. I find the fordhook to be too large.

    Rajitha, I hope you try.

    Thank you Sirisha :)

    Thank you RP! I used frozen...

    Sharmi, I will try out Viji's stir fry. Nice to hear you tried out the microwave tindora... As for it turning dry, maybe you can reduce the cooking time and also keep it covered so it doesn't dry out. Hope that's helpful. Thanks for trying and letting me know Sharmi.

  13. That looks so good, I love the combo

  14. Great combo of Potato & Lima beans...Nice Recipe.

  15. Thanks for the idea of pairing my potatoes with beans the next time I fry them.

  16. True Every body love potato fry.
    Yours is looking super delicious.

  17. Laavanya, regarding the sago pudding, sago does not overpower the pudding at all. If it is thick you can add milk. no problem with that!

  18. Brilliant idea, Laavanya. Bangaladumpa vepudu is a firm favorite in the house, and I have often wondered how to add some protein to it.

    Btw, I think we might work for the same company :-)

    You can contact me directly at my hotmail address - my id is ksivani.

  19. awesome ....very healthy one ....

  20. thats one beautiful comibination.
    never get like u said.....who doesnt love poatato fry

  21. That curry looks excellent. It might go well with phulkas.

  22. Thank you Saju and Kini for your kind words.

    Cynthia, I do hope you try and like the combination.. :)

    Thank you Deepa, Raji and Hima.

  23. Laavanya, did not yet tried having Lima beans, did u use the canned ones or the soaked dried ones? But that fry looks awesome and will go well with rice n rotis too :)

  24. Thank you Padma. You ought to try them.. they have a buttery taste and are chock full of fibre. I used the frozen baby lima beans and even add them to bisi bele baath.

  25. They are great combo Laavanya. Viji

  26. Just like sundal...nice combo


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