Wheat Flour Dosas / Godhumai Dosai

My mom would often make these when we ran out of idli/dosa batter or if we needed a really quick meal since these are super instant (no fermentation or waiting time required) and quite tasty too. However, I was never a fan of these godhumai dosais - I can't really think of why specifically... Now that I do like quite a few things I didn't enjoy as a kid... e.g. upma, I decided to try these out on a whim. I didn't quite expect them to turn out light and crispy like rava dosais so I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

It's best to make the batter when you want the dosas instead of making them ahead of time. It's fairly easy to whip up a second batch if you notice that the family seems to like it :)


Whole Wheat Flour / Atta - 1 cup 
Water - 1.5 to 2 cups (or as required) to make a rava dosai like batter
Salt - to taste
Cumin seeds - a pinch
Black pepper powder - I ground some using my pepper mill

Green Chillies - 1 to 2, minced finely
Curry Leaves/Coriander leaves - few, chopped

Oil - to cook dosas

1) In a bowl, blend together the flour and water (I used a whisk to ensure the batter was lump free) until smooth. The consistency should be thinner than regular dosa batter and must be similar to rava dosai batter... so it will look kind of watery (like buttermilk).

2) Season the batter with salt, pepper, cumin seeds, green chillies and curry & coriander leaves. 

3) Heat an iron griddle pan (dosaikkal), and when hot (sprinkle a few drops of water, they should sizzle and evaporate almost immediately), drop a few tsp of oil and rub the entire pan. If you have a well seasoned pan, there will be no issues with the dosas sticking. 

4) Scoop a ladleful of batter from the top, after stirring the batter well, and pour on the hot pan, dropping it from a few inches high. This kind of batter cannot be spread out like usual dosai batter so you just have to pour the batter from the outside in and it will immediately form a lacey pattern. 

5) Drizzle some oil along the edges of the dosa and allow to cook until golden brown. This does take a bit more time than usual dosas & rushing them will result in torn dosas... when ready, the dosai will be easy to flip over. Cook for a few more minutes after flipping for tasty, crispy dosai. We had ours with milagai podi


  1. that looks delicious. My mom makes too and I have learnt that version, very similar to this :)

  2. Looks yummy - will go nicely with tomato soup tonight!

  3. Once in a week i make this dosa - but add slightly a rice flour to give a crisp and satisfy my picky eaters :) Good one!

  4. Looks like a single egg omelet. Nice dish. Must be tasty!

  5. Never liked it as a kid but now I like it because it is easy to make !! Nicely done.

  6. Same here, I like these dosais now and I prefer the way you have made them. Thin and crispy.

  7. Even my mom makes this so often as my dad loves this a lot and he hates rotis!. Nicely done lavanya

  8. Quick and delicious dosa.. very healthy too.. thanks for sharing dear !!
    Indian Cuisine

  9. Oh its very nice. i add rice flour otherwise it will be sticky :)

  10. This is my favorite "in a hurry" meal:) Yours looks delicious, I make mine pretty much the same except I add cilantro and a little bit of hing:)

  11. wow...same pinch lavanya...such a tasty coincidence..
    I've posted the same too ystrday..
    your version sounds yummy..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  12. Easy to make when you are out of batter or time. Looks very crisp. Do check out mine when you find time.
    Tickling Palates

  13. Such an easy way to change up things..lovely..! Every one has whole wheat flour all we lack is different ways to use it up :)

    This is great!

  14. I love this like anything! I too add rice flour a portion, this would be our dinner most of the times b4 marriage :) Yours looks perfectly golden


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