Monday, November 17, 2008

Rava / Semiya Upma

Upmas are not normally a favorite dish for most people... and I wasn't a fan either but nowadays I really like them and i find that they are quite convenient, tasty and make for a quick, one pot dish. I normally add quite a bit of veggies or sometimes make a tomatoey khichdi with chopped coriander leaves for a bright flavour - also makes for a yummy breakfast for my daughter. I find chutney or lime pickle to be perfect accompaniments to this.


Fine Rava (Semolina) - 1 cup, roasted in little ghee
Carrot, Beans, Peas - 1 cup, chopped (microwaved for 5 mins with a bit of salt)

Onion - 1, chopped
Tomato - 1 small, chopped (optional)
Ginger - 1 inch, chopped finely

Green Chillies - 5, slit in two (or use Red Chillies, maybe fewer)
Curry leaves - few
Coriander leaves - 3 tbsp, chopped
Oil - 2 tsp
Mustard seeds, urad dhal, channa dhal - half tsp each
Asafoetida - a pinch
Water - 2 cups
Salt - to taste


1) Heat oil and season with mustard seeds, urad dhal, channa dhal, asafoetida & curry leaves.

2) Add the chopped onions, ginger, g. chillies and when transparent and edges have browned, add the tomatoes (if using) and salt. Cook till slightly mushy. Now add the cooked veggies.

3) Pour the 2 cups of water, check for seasonings, cover and keep on medium-low heat until it boils for a few mins.. Now reduce the flame further.

4) While constantly stirring, pour in the roasted rava and also the chopped coriander leaves and ensure there are no lumps. Cover again and let it cook on very low heat for about 5 minutes or so till the rava has absorbed all the water and is completely cooked.

For Semia (or Vermicelli) upma, use the same procedure as above except the proportion of water is 1:1 (Semia : water). I don't add tomatoes though.

This is my absolute favorite when it comes to upmas ever since I was a child.. unfortunately since my dad isn't a big fan, my mom hardly made these so we indulged in this only when he was away on business trips :)


  1. I never used to like it before, but now is my favo..perfect comfort food...yours look really goo with all those colourful veges..

  2. with veggie's it looks so can also try capscicum along with these veggies..

  3. I love upma :-) and this mixed veggie version makes it look like little gemstones.

  4. I too am a convert who has started liking upma now. I like your veggie laden version.

  5. Actually i love upma , especially my fav way of eating them is adding a bit of sugar then it is sweet and spicy, i know it is weird

  6. What are you talking about 'not a fav dish'? I love Upma and can eat bowls of it. Plus it is the ultimate power food! Your upma looks wonderful...i'm drooling.

  7. i make this every week for breakfast.. its stomach filling and delicious.. just wanted to say Bye b4 i go on a long break.. Miss u..

  8. Your veggie upma looks yum :-)

  9. I know what u mean about upma not being a fav for many people. I'm not too crazy about it myself unless I have some sugar, pappadam and a banana to go with it. Have you tried it like this?
    I have a veg upma that has been in my drafts forever! :D

  10. Neither I was not a fan of upma! Sometimes, there is no way i make and eat with the flavor of tomato. Good one

  11. I too dont love Upams..But nowadays with plenty of veggies i started liking..Good one Lavanya

  12. I love upma, but i know most folks don't like it. I'm having a guest tomorrow and upma shall be her breakfast!

  13. I too love it with a lot of veggies.

  14. Upma is my favorite breakfast, I like it with tomato chutney. Yours looks colorful :)

  15. upma looks colorful laavanya.. i add lemon juice in the end just before garnishing. yeah, it goes great with lemon pickle.. my husband always has upma with sugar. but i like pickle and curd combination :)

  16. Give me that and a hot mango pickle jar and I will be a happy person! I am a lover of upmas!

  17. I too like upma with carrots,peas....i dont add tomato....i use peanuts for my hubby....they make upma likeable

  18. I am a lover of upmas.But i feel very lazy to prepare it for me alone since kids didnt like it most and i have to make it less spicy.yours is tempting.i love to have with a cup of cofee or tea.

  19. Upma is perfect breakfast at my place.....even I add lots of veggies to it....
    Upma looks perfect and delicious

  20. Interesting twist to the regular upma! looks so good Laavanya! Yum!

  21. Youve just made my sisters favorite dish! But for me, Upma, along with idlis feature at the bottom of my breakfast foods list. Now youve inspired me...I should try upma with tomato like you have.

  22. U know what,i can live my life with only rawa upma...;D
    Nice idea of microwaving the veggies...we can reduce cooking time....:)

  23. I make this atleast once a week... Its one of our favourite dish. Your's looks colourful and yum.

  24. Iam not a very big fan of upma either. I eat it piping hot as soon as it is removed from the stove stop, once it hardens i hate it .. i love the veggie version .. very easy to make too

  25. Ah..Upma! Perfect comfort food for a weekend morning! I make khichidi very similar to your version but comes out yellow, as I add some turmeric.. Your Upma reminds me of an interesting accompaniment that I saw in a friend's place.. Upma & Curd! That was really a strange combination for me :)

  26. Love upma with vegetables.. Looks yum !!

  27. Thank you Sowmya.

    Lavi, as a matter of fact, I do add capsicum sometimes.

    Thank you Raaga.. will be sure to check out your version.

    Good to know Jayashree :) Thanks

    Happy Cook - actually my husband does that!

    Manasai, I agree with you totally - i make it for my daughter's breakfast too.

    Thanks Anjali.. you will be missed too.

    Thanks Usha.

    TBC.. wow that's quite a combination.. and I can totally see my husband loving it!! :)

    Cham, Kamala, looks like quite a few of us were in the same boat.

    Sra, ha ha.. hope your friend was happy.. I had one visit me a while ago who said that he eats anything except Upma.

    Thank you Divya, Ramya & Gita.

    Mahima, I love pickle & curd combination too... :)

    Anudivya, am sure mango pickle will be awesome too though i mostly have had it with lime pickle or tomato pickle.

    Raaji, I agree.. i add tomato when making for my daughter esp.. since it makes it more tangy & soft.

    Jeyashri.. i never used to make it since my hubby wasn't a fan but my 3 yr old eats it.. so i get to taste it often :)

    Thank you Purva and Uma.

    Veggiebelly.. idli & upma were down in the list for me too but my tastes have changed now.. :)

    Raks, such a fun huh? :)

    Thank you Anu.

    Deesha. true.. it's perfect hot off the stove.

    Sujatha, actually i do like it with curd and used to give it that way for my daughter.

    Thank you n33ma and archy.

  28. Upma looks yummy...and ur thengaipaal kulambu recipe is just rocking...I just want to have it right away..Belated wishes to ur mom n dad...

  29. mouth watering... i love both of these... pic is so attractive

  30. 1:1 water ratio not workin for me... came out v dry...wil try 1.5 to 1 next time... btw pls start cooking goat/chicken soon

  31. Vijay, Thanks for the feedback. 1.5 may make it too mushy... maybe you can try with 1.25? For me 1 cup works because I cover it and cook on a low flame till done.
    Goat/Chicken and me? - chanceae illai but you are already an expert.. :)


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