Monday, November 3, 2008

Kiddie Pasta

Barilla has introduced new, smaller pasta (Piccolini) in shapes that appeals to kids and I picked a pack of wheel shaped pasta for my daughter who adores it. As far as she is concerned she can eat it just plain, with absolutely no seasoning or sauce. However, as a mom, I'm always trying to get in the veggies and make it more of a wholesome meal. Though she used to be such a spice lover once upon a time and used to lick up idli podi or spicy onion chutney all by itself, nowadays, either she doesn't like it so much or uses it as a ploy to get out of eating and sometimes even declares yogurt as 'kaaram' (spicy) - the brat!

I just made a mild vegetable base and tossed the pasta in it and she quite liked the combination. I have also varied the vegetables with some chopped capsicum or spinach and it has proved out to be pretty good.


Pasta (any shape) - 2 oz, dry
Onion - half of a small one, chopped

Tomato - half of a medium one, chopped
Carrot - 1, medium, peeled and cut into small cubes
Peas - a small handful (I used frozen)
Sambar powder - 1/4 tsp (optional)
Butter - 1 tsp
Olive oil - 1 tsp
Salt & Pepper - to taste


1) Cook pasta in plenty of salted water according to directions on box. Drain and keep aside. Combine carrot & peas in a bowl, sprinkle a bit of salt and add about a tbsp of water. Microwave this for 4 to 5 minutes till cooked.

2) Heat oil & butter in a pan and toss in the chopped onions.. when they turn transparent, add the tomatoes and salt, once they are mushy, add the microwaved vegetables.

3) Cook this till the flavours come together and add the pasta. Sprinkle with pepper to taste and remove from the stove. Hope this dish makes your kids happy :)


  1. Hi laavanya
    Lovely post... looks colorful and tempting...perfect for kids!

  2. I remember making them for my daughter when she was small, with this pasta.
    I sometimes add in soups too.

  3. Looks Good with Carrot and Capsi..

  4. Perfect for kids Laavanya...Looks colourful and droolyfying...

  5. Looks mouth-watering. the shape of these pastas do make the children to eat. both of my children have a craze for these beautifully shaped pastas.

  6. You will not beleive the similarity Laavanya. My little one is the same, no sauces or seasoning with pasta and loves podi rice! No idea when this will change.
    I will check out this new shape for kids.

  7. I'd love to try pasta with sambhar powder....sounds really different! i think my kids would go for it too...thanks for the recipe!

    cheers, trupti
    the spice who loved me

  8. I like pinwheel pasta too.
    Italy meets India kinda dish. Nice! :D

  9. Hey! I have seen these in the grocery stores... they look like the Indian "fryums" right? (I don't even know if I spelled it right)

  10. My son was like ur daug. I will try to grab this wheel on my next grocery trip! Looks colorful

  11. so colorful Lavanya..Grt for kids

  12. this is great Laavanya. when we do something for kids really a new recipe comeout. I liked this pasta very much. but u know what I liked it for myself :))) I can have pasta made like this.

  13. That looks so colorful and happy......

  14. I discovered your blog through My Legume Love Affair. Your dishes look delicious and your bean burgers are especially mouth watering to me. Great job!

  15. that looks so tempting! I would love to eat it too!
    my firt time here, and yes, sonny boy is the same. He's become too picky too. He doesn't mind eating pasta plain. Luckily! As he is lactose intolerant and has to satisfy himself to plain pasta and maybe ketchup to it in the kindergarten sometimes, when the sauces contain milk products. I'm happy that the caretakers there are taking good care.

  16. ooh, this is a mouth-watering pasta! Not only kids, for me too! love the shapes. Yum!

  17. Kiddie pasta?? Hahaha! I would eat that bowl all by myself, Laavanya!! It looks awesome. I like the shape a lot! :)

  18. Hi laavanya... looks yummy & colourful... nice entry...

  19. Whoaa thats so colorful and delectable... Perfect for kids and the kids in elders too...

  20. Cool looking pasta laavanya! Nice presentation!

  21. lovely wheels pasta.....even i used to have them as kid

  22. Wow sambar powder with pasta, great idea :)

  23. Looks very colorful and the idea of sambar powder with pasta :-)

  24. Thank you Vij.

    Yes. happy cook.. i got tiny alphabet pasta to add to soups as well.

    Thank you Lavi & Sireesha.

    Lakshmi.. good to hear your kids like it too.

    RC, what a coincidence that is :)

    Trupti, so good to see you :) Hope you do get a chance to try & enjoy.

    Thanks TBC

    Anudivya - yes.. You reminded me of fryums.. oh how i loved them.

    Hey Cham.. hope your son likes it.

    Thank you Kamala..

    Bhawana, i usually pop a few in my mouth while making it too :)

    Thank you n33ma.

    Kelly, welcome and thanks for your sweet words.

  25. I saw this pasta recently while I was doing my groceries last week, thought my daughter would like it, but for some reason didn't buy it. Your recipe looks healthy and colorful.. I am going to buy it next time :)

    My daughter is the opposite though :) she hated spicy foods when she was a toddler but now she is getting better as she grows. :)

  26. Hi PG, try this.. and skip the butter or replace with margarine - no dairy. Good that they are careful at school.

    Thank you Divya & uma.

    Kalai, I would too

    Thank you Srikar, Ramya, Raks, raaji, gita & Usha.

  27. Thats very tempting... Not just for kids, it even makes me drool..

  28. Loved the kiddie pasta, very colorful and looked like okra pieces.

  29. that looks delicious .. leave alone kids, even Iam tempted

  30. this recipe sounds so simple. but sambar powder in pasta? will it taste good? pls let me know I want to try this.

  31. Sujatha, I hope my daughter starts loving spicy food too :)

    Thank you Anu & Mitr.

    Deesha, Thanks.. that's sweet of you to say.

    Sharmi, I do like the addition of sambar powder and i feel that it adds a subtle level of spiciness without being overpowering like chilli powder. It's only 1/4 tsp since it's just 2 oz of pasta but you can skip that too if you aren't comfortable.

  32. My son was like that eating just plain pasta. Now he has slowly started including mild sauce and veggies. I also saw alphabets pasta recently.

  33. excellent one I like it so much.
    thanks for sharing


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