Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The first time I tasted Avocado was as a milkshake at my university - I hated the first couple of sips but since I had paid for it and I was rather thrify then (being a student and all), i proceeded to finish it instead of tossing it away... but somewhere in the middle, i actually started liking it. I started ordering it quite frequently after that and was in for a rude shock when my friend S (a microbiologist) told me that avocado was among the most fattening of fruits. Of course at that point in my life I had no idea of good fats and bad fats... and my build dictated that I stay far away from anything fattening so that's when I completely stopped having that.

This all changed when my knowledge of fats increased a bit and I dipped some tortilla chips in a spicy, gooey guacamole & fell in love with it all over again. I started enjoying it, albeit in moderation. This is a very simple recipe.


Ripe Avocado - 2 ,remove seeds, scoop out flesh and mash coarsely

Lime -juice of 1 or more to taste
Onion - quarter cup, chopped
Tomato - half of a medium one, seeded and chopped
Jalapeno - 1, de-seeded and chopped
Coriander leaves - 2 tbsp, chopped
Garlic - 1 small clove, minced
Chilli powder - a pinch
Salt - to taste

1) Combine the avocado pulp with the lime juice and some salt.  Stir in the chopped jalapeno, onion, tomato, garlic and coriander leaves. Add chilli powder to taste.

2) Refrigerate for a few hours so the flavours can combine before scooping over tortilla chips & serving.

Since this makes for a yummy appetizer, I would like to send this as my 2nd entry to EC's WYF-Soups/Starters/Soups.


  1. LOVELY GUACAMOLE Laavanya .. I have never made then @ home. I just bought avacados at the super market today N will be trying this soon ..

  2. I just love guacamole..looks perfect Laavanya..

  3. I have been wanting to try this for some time and your recipe sounds so simple,it looks delicious :)

  4. Never made this Lavanya..want to try now..looks lovely

  5. have tasted it once....and wanted to try it since then....but was looking for a simple yet tasty i have one to follow.....

  6. i adore avocados and don't mind getting fat. :D

  7. that looks vey delicious..nice recipe..have to try it!!

  8. This guacamole sure looks delicious, have never tried avocados before but this looks appetising enough to give it a try.

  9. I got tempted and just bought some guacamole today and was wondering what to do with them.. Perfect timing, Laavanya :)

    Me too, I had no idea about the fat content in avacados for a while.. :)

  10. I just love to dig avocado right with little sprinkling of salt and pepper. It tastes butter! Looks cool the scoop!

  11. A roomie of mine who was from Kerala had this growing in her house - she would call it butter fruit. I saw them in the store a couple of days ago and almost picked up some but thought better of it and didn't. I love guacamole, though, just eat it at restaurants.

  12. hey laavanya..this is somethin new to me!! looks gr8...

  13. Looks very nice...even I hav not yet tasted avocado in my life...

  14. That looks delicious and tasty .I never made at home have to try now......

  15. lovely :) sometimes i add some jeera pwd as well.

  16. This is very new to me :). But must say it looks tempting.

  17. I Make Guacamole the same way. I also add 2 tsp plain yogurt to it which gives a nice consistency.

  18. Avocados are a tough bunch to pick out at the market. Ripe, not too ripe. Raw but firm, not too much of a give when I press!
    I get the one from Costco which is natural but the inner flesh is packaged. Looks like I can try it out with that one. Nice one girl!

  19. I love this dip, but try to have it minimal as its high fat!!But indulging in it once in a while is perfectly ok i thik :-)

  20. Hi,

    I tasted avocado Milk Shake.Your dish looks simple and rich. Thanks for sharing.

  21. You have been tagges with a MEME .. check my blog

  22. hi, how are you? missed so many recipes.. have to catch up soon:)

  23. Neat and inviting..thanks for participating

  24. Thanks VP - do try...

    Thank you Divya, Usha & Kamala.

    Raaji - it is very simple. Hope you get to try.

    Bee - good for you :)

    Thanks Sowmya, Vandana & notyet100.

    Sujatha, they also double up as great facepacks.. :)

    Cham, i've not tried them like that - sounds simple & tasty.

    Sra, butter-fruit is such an apt name for this.

    Thank you Spices n Aroma.

    Really Raks...? i had that avocado milkshake in Singapore.

    THanks Sireesha.

    Richa, cumin powder always works great in mexican dishes.

    Thank you Bhawana.

    Anonymous - that's a fabulous idea. I can see how yogurt/sourcream can make it tastier.

    Divya - i had trouble picking them initially too.. lately i've been doing alright.

    That's so true Seema - moderation is key.

    MT - thanks!

    Sharmi - so good to see you again. Just read the good news!! so happy for you.

    Thank you EC for hosting this.

  25. Mouth-drooling entry, yummmmm!!!!

  26. i know..good fat...bad fat...mono..poly...sometimes my head spins with so much of info...the guac looks great...i like it a lil chunky too...the smooth stuff is a turn-off

  27. Nice name & a very attractive pics 2

  28. I love guacamole and will definitely try this. Krishna


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