Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tortilla Pinwheels

These are an easy snack to make and make for great party or picnic food because these can be made ahead and refrigerated and sliced just when you are ready to serve. It also lends itself to sneaking a fair bit of veggies into the mix and can be made to be quite spicy, if desired.

I used the plain tortillas since that's what I had on hand but it would be even better with spinach or tomato tortillas and adds a splash of colour as well.



Tortillas - about 6

For the filling:
Light Cream Cheese - 1 (8 oz) pack, softened
Black beans - about half cup, drained and mashed coarsely (I used canned)
Red bell pepper - half medium, chopped
Fresh spinach - 2 cups, chopped
Carrot - 1 big, shredded
Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp

Coriander powder - 1/2 tsp
Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp
Salt & Pepper - to taste
Pepperjack cheese - 1/4 cup, shredded
Tomato Ketchup - 2 tsp
Chilli sauce (I used Sriracha) - 1 to 2 tsp

1) Stir together all of the above ingredients under the filling to a thick consistency.

2) Spread a thick layer on the tortillas with some space around the edges.

3) Roll the tortilla tightly and wrap each in cling wrap and refrigerate for atleast a few hours or overnight. This will help the cream cheese solidify a bit so cutting into it will be easier.

4) Cut these into thick slices when ready to serve and be prepared for a tasty treat.


  1. Yummy appetizer...cheesy creamy recipe once again lavs..

  2. That looks so yummy Lavanya...Perfect snack for the kids

  3. What a lovely idea for a snack! And simple too. Nice recipe there, Lavanya!

  4. looks very nice. I think I could make these with chapatis as well, right?

  5. yumm! cheese and black beans in it make it all the more delicious

  6. the moist look of the cream cheese is so yummy. nice recipe

  7. wow, those real finger food too :) lovely pinwheel :)

  8. Nice combi of veggies and sauces they look colorful and yummy

  9. taht looks beautiful and yummy

  10. wow, that sure looks delicious, laavanya!! eventhough u refrigerated it, in the icture the cheese and other sauces look moist and goeey! i am tempted!

  11. WOW this looks awesome, cheesy, creamy, and with black beans oh great, will try soooon!!!!

  12. looks real good, and i like all the veggies in there:)

  13. You like your cream cheese, don't ya.:D That's a nice snack.
    I remember your spinach pinwheels too...

  14. Yum, yum, yum, delicioso! I am definitely going to make them. Thanks for the easy recipe Laavanya!

  15. yum-o! i've never added cori pwd in pin wheels, need to try that twist of urs :)

  16. Apt one for parties. Just pick and eat. Nice one Lavanya. Viji

  17. Thank you Ramya :)

    Kamala... am sure the kids will like it.

    Thank you Vani - it's perfect for summer.

    Raaga, I'm thinking that chapathis should work - have never tried it myself though.

    Thank you Rachel & Nags.

    Cham, very true - thanks.

    Thank you notyet100, smn & sowmya.

    JZ, yes.. with all the veggies in, it stays a bit gooey... :)

    Thanks Madhavi - hope you get a chance to try.

    Thanks DB.

    TBC, I am partial to cream cheese since it's so versatile and lends a nice tangy taste :)

    Uma, I do hope you try - am sure you'll like it. Let me know.

    Richa, try it next time. Thanks.

    Definitely Viji. I made these for the picnic.

  18. Great idea to make pinwheels out of the tortilla wraps... Looks great Laav!

  19. yummy yum....i am fan of cheese...its looks creamy and delicious...plzz think of me while having a bite..

  20. These look real good and lovely pics.

  21. Thats a yummy Appetiser.. I've had it at a friends place, but with less ing in filling compared to yours! This is truely filling & delicious as well.

  22. Looks so colorful and delicious! I think this is great for long drives and outings :) Thanks for this recipe!

  23. interesting name for the dish....looks all cheesy and yummy

  24. Looks great Laavanya, similar to the Santa Fe Wraps I have...creme cheese tastes so good na?

  25. keeping it in the fridge overnite is a great will help during the cutting process..looks delicious :) what are ur weekend plans....

  26. Thanks Sig.

    Suma, I sure will.. :)

    Thank you homecooked, Seema, A&N & Bhags.

    Namratha, I need to check out your Sante Fe Wraps... I do like cream cheese a lot.

    Rajitha, yes that helps firm the wraps. Probably take anushka to a zoo nearby & the park, invite my neighbour for dinner... :) What about you?

  27. OH this is simple and cool. I usually roll up with stuffing and eat too, but this sorta presentation is darn good :) Good one Laavan

  28. pics looks very tempting lavaanya ,want to have a bite ,yummmmmmm

  29. Definitely my kind of recipe, Laavanya! Perfect for picnics! :)

  30. Laavanya, what a visual treat. sure looks easy and yummy!


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