Monday, July 21, 2008

Curried Egg Sandwich

This post is what tempted me to make this delicious sandwich. I've had plain egg sandwiches before and though I ate them, simply because it was the only vegetarian option available at that place and time, I can't say I loved them - I found them too bland and overly creamy for my taste. But this one from Stefanie's blog is so flavorful and the spiced up, caramelized onions make this extremely delicious. I pretty much followed her recipe but made a couple of changes and it made for a lip-smacking lunch along with some oranges.


Whole wheat bread - 2 slices
Egg - 1, hardboiled & peeled
Red Onion - quarter cup, chopped
Mayonnaise - 1 tsp
Mustard - a dash (not seeds but the condiment)
Sambar powder - half tsp
Salt & pepper to taste
Spinach leaves - to serve
Oil - 1 tsp

1) This is the method I usually use to hardboil eggs. Place egg in a small pan and add enough water to just cover it. Heat and bring the water to a boil. Let this boil for about 3 to 4 minutes. Switch off the flame, cover the saucepan and let sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. Perfectly hard-boiled eggs are ready. Now peel and cut into small cubes.

2) Meanwhile, heat 1 tsp of oil in a small pan and add the chopped onions, after about 3 minutes toss in a bit of salt and the sambar powder. Cook till they are browned and caramelized, stirring constantly.

3) In a small bowl, combine the chopped eggs, caramelized onions, mayonnaise, dash of mustard & salt and pepper to taste.

4) Toast the 2 slices of bread and layer one slice with washed and dried spinach leaves. Top with the egg mixture evenly, place another layer of spinach leaves and finally the second slice of bread. Enjoy !


  1. Thats a yum yum & great flavourful egg Sandwich...Looks great & sure tasted good too :-) Did A get his share? He might like it with Chicken filling :-)

  2. Wow! First to comment... first time i guess!

  3. I love Stefanie's blog. She has some fab recipes!
    Nice filling meal.

  4. looks yummy,,an so fillin,..good one for brunch...

  5. This looks to be yummmmmmmy.....

  6. oh wow! the picture is very very tempting!! and the blend of indian and american flavour must be exciting!! :-) lip-smacking one!

  7. Nice creativity in this recipe. As JZ said both indian and american flavor must give a different and arich flavor. Nice post laavanya.

  8. This looks soooooooo Inviting....Nice recipe....

  9. What a great idea to make a curried egg sandwich... I love the look of it with the greens and all... bookmaarking this!

  10. Now u re tempting to make this one! Love the touch of green :)

  11. Would love to sink my teeth into that! The creamy, bland standard egg sandwiches will benefit from a liberal dose of salt, pepper and herbs - I like those too!

  12. hi laav :)...nothing to add..coz me and eggs r not frnds :)

  13. Yummy yummy sandwich, nice recipe and looks goooood!!!

  14. wow!!curried egg sandwich!!!that sure looks delcious....must be tasting much better than plain omelette...

  15. Healthy Sandwich with greens and eggs...Perfect for kidas Lavanya

  16. delicious sandwich Lavanya! Can I have a bite?

  17. Wow the sandwich looks professional! I LOVED the presentation!

  18. Love the idea of this sandwich. Will try soon. Thanks for sharing

  19. Nice idea to add masala to egg salad. Looks awesome, Laavanya! :)

  20. sandwich looks yummy,,,must have tasted great and is quite filling too

  21. nice idea of using boiled eggs in the sandwich..

  22. A nice yumm Curried egg sandwhich is hard to din out here where I live..

    loved that you made use of sambhar powder in trying this for sure...

  23. looks yummy! i love egg sandwiches. best use of eggs ever :)

  24. curried eggs seems a fab idea....with those spices makes it delicious...:)

  25. Thank you Seema. Nope A didn't get to eat this.. I showed the snap and he liked how it looked :)

    TBC, I do too.

    Thank you notyet100 & Ramya.

    JZ, yes it made for a nice combination. Thx :)

    Thank you Shriya & Ramya.

    Sig, thanks! Let me know when you try.

    Thank you Cham... :)

    Sra, yes it made for a very yummy filling. Thank you.

    Rajitha, I know.. but thanks so much for stopping by.

    Thank you Ranji and Madhavi.

    Kamala, am sure the kids'll like.. maybe a bit messy to eat though :)

    Thanks Uma.

    A & N you are too kind.

    Medhaa, I hope you do.. :)

    Thank you Kalai, Sowmya & Dhivya.

    Rachel, yeah.. curry powder is something I definitey don't have but i've always found that sambar works as a great substitute. When added to noodles, it gives a little bit of the maggi flavour.

    I agree Nags - thanks.

    VP - nice to know.. :)

    Bhags, I'm not a fan of bland food.. have to spice it up someway. :)

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  27. good one. looking mouth watering. very tempting. :)

  28. am drooling over here....nice tempting pic lavanya

  29. This looks delicious! perfect for brunch.


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