Saturday, July 19, 2008

Menu Ideas

These are some menus that I've used over the past year for regular weekday dinners or when I have friends or relatives visiting. I'm posting this so it will be a handy reference for when I run out of ideas.... it may be repetitive since I haven't edited it all. Most of the dishes here have been blogged already here.

Dinner party ideas (for small groups)
1) Aloo paratha, capsicum cabbage raitha, black bean soup and idli fry
2) Carrot Coriander soup, pav bhaji, paneer tikka (with onions, bell peppers and pineapples), devilled eggs
Aug 24
Sun - Chapathis + Rajma + bell pepper besan
Mon - Biryani + Cucumber Raitha + Mangoes
Tue - Quesadillas + Corn Bread / Black Bean soup
Wed - Rice + Vendakai fry + Rasam/Curd
Thu - Sweet potato paratha + Cabbage mung dhal
Fri - Summer Rolls or Ragda Patties.

Jul 28 08
Mon - Veg Noodles
Tue - Rice, Radish Kootu, Bhindi Besan
Wed - Chapathi + Aloo Capsicum
Thu - Vangi Bath + Methi Rice
Fri - surlachi wadi + rice wraps?

July 14th 08
Sun - carrot rice + ulundhu saadham
Mon - Chapathi + Rajma + bell pepper besan
Tue - Idli + Sambar
Wed - Chapathi + Palak Paneer
Thu - Rice + Chow chow poricha kootu + Potato
Fri - vangi Baath & carrot rice

Week of July 7th 08
Mon - Mushroom Biryani
Tue - Noodles + Roasted Broccoli
Wed - Chapathi + rajma
Thu - Rice, cauliflower roast, chow chow pitlai
Fri - Summer Rolls.

Harsh & Shalini visit
Tortilla chips + Mango Salsa
Masal Dosai + Coconut Chutney - done except chutney
Paneer Tikka
Onion Pakoda
Cauliflower + Cannelini beans Kurma
Brownie & Icecream Grapes

June 1st week
Mon - Broccoli Soup + Pesto Spaghetti
Tue - Vangi Baath
Wed - Enchiladas
Thu - Chapathi + Cabbage Kootu
Fri - Veg Noodles + Kothu parotta
Sat - Bagel/Sandwich with Omlette -
Rice, Sambar, Rasam, potato fry, beans thoran -
Pav Bhaji + Dhokla
Dessert - Tiramisu & Ilaneer Payasam.

May 24-26 weekend (Latha visit)
Sat:Bfast - VenPongal + Gothsu + Chutney
Lunch - mexican / Dinner - Outside?
Sun:Bfast - Bagel
Lunch (Picnic?) - Limeade + Cucumber sandwiches + Nutella sandwiches + Ragda Patties + Dessert shells with berries & whipped cream.
Dinner - Pizza + soup
Mon:Bfast - Adai + chutney + Aval Poha
Lunch - Rice + morkuzhambu + potato fry + beans paruppu usili + rasam
May 19th week
Mon - Chapathi + dhal + bhindi fry
Tue - Rice + Kovakai fry + mochai kuzhambu
Wed - Roasted Veggie Pasta
Thu - Fri -

May 14th 08
Wed - Idli + mullangi sambhar
Thu - Rice + vathal kuzhambu + chow chow kootu (mung dhal) + vadaam.
Fri - Tomato Soup + Pesto Pasta

Seema's Trip:
Biscotti & Mango icecream, noodles, pav bhaji, dhal for sambar, idli maavu.
Fri Lunch: Rice + Theeyal + Cabbage Thoran + Cauliflower Fry + Rasam
Fri Dinner: Veg Noodles + Egg Puffs + Tomato Soup +
Sat Bfast: Idli + Chutney + Sambar + Ven Pongal
Sat dinner: Pav Bhaji + Paneer Pizza + Tomato Dosa + Coconut Chutney
Sun Lunch: Kuska + Kurma + Curd Rice

Mon: Spinach poriyal
Adai + Aviyal Spinach Kootu or Palak Paneer Egg Kurma Vangi Baath or Ven Pongal & Gothsu

Dinner Party Menu:Paneer Tikka Pizza, Sorakkai Koftha, Veg Pulao, Mango Icecream, Sabudhana Khichdi.

Menu Ideas
Bfast: Sandwich, Ven Pongal, Dosai / Idli, Waffles
Lunch: Baingan Bartha+Curd Rice, Rice+ vazhakai curry (mor kuzhambu/sambar)+ rasam, chow chow kootu
Dinner: Chapathi + Kurma, Noodles.
Fri Dinner: Egg Puffs + Soup
Sat Bfast: Carrot & Peas Sandwich
Lunch: Rice + Keerai kootu + Rasam + Tindora Fry
Dinner: Gobi Manchurian + Roasted Broccoli + Baked Potato Wedges.
Sun Bfast: Tomato Dosa + Radish Chutney
Lunch: Chapathi + Mattar Paneer
Dinner: Outside? or Kothu Parotta

Mon Bfast: Maggi or Bee Hoon
Lunch: Egg Biryani
Dinner : Anand's place
Tues: Idlis + Chutney or Ven Pongal + Gothsu.Tues
Lunch: Rice, pepper kuzhambu, thovayal, beans paruppu usli.
Egg Puff + Chapathi & dhal
Ragda Patties? or Idiyaapam
Diwali lunch: Sambar + Rasam + Potato curry + Bajji + Aviyal + Aval payasam
Friday breakfast: Rava Dosai Lunch : Aloo paratha + Paneer Makhani
Weekend Menu
Saturday.Lunch:Mullangi Sambar, Rasam, Cabbage-Beans Poriyal, Cauliflower & Potato curry, Carrot-Almond Payasam, Microwave Appalam.
Tea + Puff pastry
Dinner: Tandoori Paneer + Broccoli roast + Bread Cup + Pumpkin cream cheese roll.
SundayBfast: Aapam + Stew
Lunch: Biryani + Raitha + Curd Rice with apple, carrot.
PLAN:Thu - Make pumpkin roll, Cut Cabbage, Make mint-coriander paste for biryani, make filling for breadcup, Make Puff Pastry.
Fri - Make rasam, sambar, cut vegs for biryani, Cut vegs for Stew, Grind for Aapam and Idli, Make Carrot-Almond Payasam.

Kovakai, Cauliflower, Capsicum, Cabbage, Undhiyu, beans, carrot, spinach, chow chow, vazhakai, broccoli, Mint
16/Jul/ MonChapathi + Undhiyu + Chow chow kootu
17/Jul/ TueRoasted Veg with Pasta Bake
18/Jul WedBiryani + Veg Kurma + curd rice
19/Jul ThuNaan + Paneer + Capsicum (Swad blog)
20/Jul FriDosai
8/Jul/ Sun
Bfast : Veg. Cheese Toasts
Lunch: Rice, vendakai poriyal, bottlegourd channa dhal poriyal, Theeyal
Dinner : Leftovers
9/Jul/Mon Chapathi & Chow chow kootu
10/Jul/Tue Pasta with Pesto & Mushrooms
11/Jul/Wed Ven Pongal, Eggplant Gotsu/
12/Jul/ Thu Chapathi, capsicum curry, chole
13/Jul/Fri Quesadilla


  1. I want to come live with you :)

  2. Wow..Laavanya..Am really thankful to u..I really run out of ideas for meals when someone visits..This is definitely to be bookmarked..Thanks for sharing..

  3. I always wonder how people plan ahead for cooking....My everyday plan depends upon my mood and fridge veg avaibily!
    Great Laavanya i will keep bookmark this page

  4. Nupur - thanks!! :)

    Divya - you are most welcome. I'm like that too.. and I always need to plan ahead so I can prepare accordingly...

    Cham - I create my weekly list based on what I have in the fridge as well. I spend a lot of time thinking abt what to make so knowing what I'm making is a big timesaver for me.

  5. Wow Laavanya.. You indeed are a big planner!! That looks so well planned.. I am very bad about this.. I would love to plan ahead, but I change my mind depending on my mood and time.. Looks like I need to follow you now :)


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