Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Corn on the Hob & some Cakes

The markets are filled with an abundance of sweet, fresh ears of corn and that too on sale that it is quite impossible to not bring home a bunch. That is what I've been doing the past few weeks and I'm quite happy just boiling them with some salt and eating. However, my husband is not a fan of this and keeps asking me to spice it up. So, in an effort to get him to eat the corn I tried this method that a friend suggested and he had 3 ears of corn that evening! It had a bit of charred taste and was lemony and spicy so quite irresistible. I call it 'corn on the hob' because I cooked it on a direct flame on our stove.



Fresh ears of corn (preferably in their husk) - 4, (I used sweet white)
Lemon/Lime - half
Salt & Chilli powder - to taste (mixed together)

1) Dehusk the corn and remove the silky threads. Skewer one end of it and place on a direct flame on the stove and keep turning it every once in a while and moving it so all areas of the corn are exposed to the heat. The corn will make a popping sound but there's nothing to worry... (it was a little bit like distant firecracker sounds on a Diwali night). In about 3 to 4 minutes when all of the corn is browned (some parts will be charred but that is okay), remove carefully.

2) Rub with the halved lemon/lime all over and when cooled a bit, rub the chilli powder and salt on the corn and bite in.

We had this with my curried egg salad sandwich for an easy and quick weeknight dinner.
I've been baking quite a few cakes the past few months and wanted to do a quick post about them.

The most recent one I made was this Chocolate Cherry Cake since I had some unsweetended baking chocolate and a big bunch of cherries to use and I am so very glad I made it after eyeing it for so long. Initially (when warm) I wasn't very impressed with it and found it too crumbly but after I refrigerated it overnight, it was so dense and for bitter chocolate lovers out there this is just perfect - I can't get enough of it now. I made a few changes - used almost double the sugar the recipe calls for and added in a tsp of instant coffee powder for a more intense taste. My husband loved it with some good vanilla ice cream and i love it plain. Once refrigerated it held its shape well. here's a picture.

The last one was Praline Sponge Gateau that I tried from here and not sure if I messed up something but again the cake itself wasn't too soft but I was quite amazed at it's texture for a cake with no butter. I'll probably use the cake recipe to make a pineapple cake and soak it to make it more moist the next time. I know the picture and decorations are far from good but this was done in a hurry.

I also made Black Forest cake using this recipe & this has to be the most time consuming cake I've made so far and though it was good, there are a few changes I'll probably make the next time... and soak the layers in syrup a bit more to make it more moist and also avoid maraschino cherries since I do not like them at all and substitute with something else.

Thank you fellow bloggers for these delicious cake recipes.

I will be off to India soon and most likely will not have the time to post from there so I will see you all again in September. Ciao.


  1. A nice feast for the eyes Laavanya. Have a great time.

  2. Corn on the hob looks inviting and every one of the cakes look absolutely tempting:-)

  3. Absolutely a tempting corn on the hob...beautiful cakes, enjoy ur trip and come back with a bang..

  4. all cakes looks delicious Lavanya.

    Enjoy ur vacation

  5. Yummy Cakes and Spicy Corn looks great !! Have a great trip..

  6. Beautiful corn and yummy cakes!

    Have a nice trip and a great summer.

  7. Laavanya, love the roasted cob and wow, mouth watering choco cakes. I love them anytime, any way :)

    Have a safe trip to India and have fun :)

  8. Yummy yummy and everything in this post is my fav...

  9. corn is always a favourite..yummy..lovely cakes..enjoy your trip...

  10. I just love eating this hot hot corn smeared with lemon and masala during rains...It taste divine....Lovely cakes too dear..njoy ur trip

  11. I love the fire roasted corn that they sell at the beaches here. Yours sounds wonderful.

  12. Oh! WOW!!!! All Yumminess under one roof.... Very tempting every capture is.... I love corn cooked this way & smeared with the spicy & yum! green chutney..... or simply lemon & chilli..... SWARG!!!!!!


  13. happy journey dear...nice post ....lovely cake pictures and yummy corn

  14. Oh that corn looks yumm yumm :)) Enjoy your India trip!!

  15. I love this stove top version of grilled corn on the cob! yum! Is it hard to skewer the corn?

  16. Nice title, corn on the hob ;)

    I always love the smell of the smoky corn! Cake looks sinfully delicious laavanya!

  17. Thank you for trying the gateau :)


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