Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vegetable Spring rolls

I've had some of the most delicious dishes at the Madura coats club where they could make everything from complicated souffles to a simple curd rice and everything tasted awesome. They organized several parties where the menu would always be elaborate and absolutely droolworthy and even the snacks served every Friday evening while the open-air theatre airs movies were delectable and something I'd look forward to more than the movie. We often ordered food from there for parties we had at home and I would ensure that Gobi Manchurian definitely made the list along with these Spring Rolls.

I don't think I've tasted spring rolls like the ones I've had at the club anywhere else.. they were quite unlike the ones we find here with the extra crispy wrapper. Their version was still deep fried and was crispy outside, yet had a chewiness on the inside and the veggies had a lovely pepper flavour. Last week I wanted nothing but this version and the store bought spring roll wrappers and chinese takeouts could definitely not satisfy me so I set about making these. I won't claim that my version can stand up to what was churned out at the club but it was close enough (maybe i think so because it's been many many years since i've tasted them). Nevertheless we enjoyed these as a snack cum dinner one Saturday evening.


Ingredients (makes about 8 to 10 rolls)
For Cover:
Maida (all purpose flour) - 1 cup
Egg - 1
Salt - to taste
Water - as required to make thin batter
Oil - 3 tbsp, for shallow frying

For Filling:
Carrots - 1 big, cut into thin matchsticks
Cabbage - half to 3/4 cup, shredded thinly
Ginger - half inch piece, minced
Garlic - 1 to 2 cloves, minced
Spring/Green Onions - 3, chopped, white & green parts separated
Soy Sauce - about 2 tsp
Sriracha chilli sauce - 1 tsp (optional)
Salt & Pepper - to taste
Oil - 2 tsp

Sealing Paste:
Maida/Flour - 2 tsp + little water to form a thick paste

1) For the outer cover, blend the flour, egg, salt & water to make a thin, smooth batter. Heat a small round pan (8 inch diameter is what I used), rub a few drops of oil and pour some of this batter and spread out to form a very thin pancake. Cook on medium on one side, flip over and cook the other side as well. It will still be pale in colour. Keep aside. Do this for the rest of the batter.

2) For the filling, heat the 2 tsp of oil and add the whites of spring onions, ginger and garlic, after abt 20-30 seconds, add in the veggies and a pinch of salt and stir-fry till crisp-tender. Stir in the soy & chilli sauces with pepper to taste & spring onion tops (greens) and when done. Keep aside and allow to cool a bit.

3) To make the rolls, put some filling in the pancake and roll it up tightly. Seal with the paste of flour+water and place them seam side down (so it doesn't open up). Complete filling all the rolls while the Oil to shallow fry them heats up.

4) Once the oil is hot enough, put the rolls seam side down and allow to cook till it crisps up outside, flip over and let the other side cook as well. Remove and allow to drain on paper towels before slicing them diagonally into smaller pieces. Serve as is or with some ketchup.


  1. Wow colorful it looks, makes me drool over it!

  2. Your filling looks colorful and delicious, your description makes me really want to try these.

  3. Those rolls look delicious...could have them anytime

  4. mmmm...yummy!! the rolls look amazing...i can actually eat the filling straight-up too...but deepfried stuff rocks ;)

  5. Laavanya, these are a delight, nothing compared to the spring roll we get here in Chinese restaurants.

  6. Laavanya, my goodness, that looks so appetizing. My tummy audibly growled as I looked at that picture :D
    I'll be trying this very soon!

  7. bookmarked.nothing to say lavanya.perfect

  8. Wish i had one of those delicious rolls.

  9. this looks too good laavanya. can't resist!parcel please.

  10. this looks soo colourful and delicious - am soo tempted to make them myself :)

  11. Nice to know you enjoy Madura coats club food! Same here, My hubby lived inside that campus for 20 years and pretty much grew up there.. Its so close to his heart and loves the club food! I agree, I haven't seen any other place duplicating that manchurain taste! Acutally I love their veg fried rice too! We both miss it now :( We were there for the New years's eve during our Madurai visit in January and enjoyed it thoroughly!! Now, it has undergone lots of renovation.. Check it out next time when you visit Madurai :)

    Sorry for clogging up your comments space, but your mention about madura coats club triggered it up :)

    Spring rolls look delicious :)

  12. Vegetable spring rolls are my fav...for some reason i have never tried making them at you have tempted me to try it :) Thanks for sharing!

  13. Lovely, the rolls are looking so great...could have anytime..delicious!

  14. yummy yummy yummy......I want some now!

  15. Wow, the pics help a lot! I'd love to try this some day.

  16. will it make any difference if i don't add egg?

  17. U made like crepe and stuffed , looks super delicous!

  18. Hi lavanya,
    I've had spring rolls only in restaurants....coz these yummies look quite complicated to dish out. your recipe presentation made it sound easy :) shall try out on a weekend! thanks dearie:)


  19. Did you grow up at Ambasamudram?

    Memories... :-) your spring rolls look lovely Didn't know about the pancake method at all.

  20. Something new Laavanya. Will it crisp enough? Looks tempting to try. Take care. Viji

  21. Wow looks great laavanya,I always buy eggless sheets from store and make this,but this one is looking tempting!

  22. I miss the spring rolls of my growing up years, haven't seen those kinds in the recent past. In our town, we didn't have too many restaurants growing up and my father's club was where we ordered food from for a treat.

  23. i love spring rolls..will be my first choice in restaurents..yummy

  24. the rolls look very delicious Laavanya, good filling!

  25. Thank you Sharmilee, Meeso & Poornima.

    Thanks Rajitha.. yes they typically deep fry it, i tried shallow frying it and it turned out quite good. Not super crispy but that's not what i was going for :)

    Indo - yes these are quite different.

    Nupur.. so good to see you back. HOpe you'll start posting soon. Food blog hopping makes me hungry too.

    Thank you Jeyashri.. as for the egg addition, like i mailed you, it would affect the texture to some extent I think so you could try rolling making a dough like chpathi instead of a batter and try these.

    Thank you notyet100, happycook, mahima & indhu.

    Sujatha.. so true.. i remember their fried rice very well. Yes.. i see that it has become a resort nowadays.

    Thank you Madhu.. it's not all that hard.

    Thank you Priya, n33ma, A&N, Vibaas & Cham.

    Suparna, thank you... if you want the super crispy ones like you get in the restaurants here, you may want to use the spring roll wrappers instead.

    Raaga.. no.. i grew up in Madurai -I've been to the Ambas club often too since my dad worked there for a while. Were you in Ambas too?

    Viji, it's not super crispy like the ones made with spring roll wrappers but that's not what I was going for.. these have a slight chewiness as well but the exterior is crispy because of the frying.

    Raks.. i used to also.. but this has a different texture.

    Sra, yes. these were created from what I remembered of those growing up years too :)

    Thank you Shama, Pratibha & Gita.

  26. These rolls look wonderful and tempting !

  27. Oh I adore these kind of spring rolls,with the soft,chewy covering. I so want to have them!

  28. They look so good. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Delicious finger foods!

  29. I love spring rolls, what a delicious starter Laavanya , looks crisp & yum

  30. home made spring rolls are always better :) Looks so delicious Laavanya!

  31. I love spring rolls, but I've never made my own. These sound and look perfect. Thank you for sharing this recipe with your readers!

  32. Wow.. thats inviting! Delicious rolls! Colourful filling and u made the wrap too! nice work! I always buy those frozen wraps and do it!

  33. Hi Lavanya,
    How are u doing???
    You know what i love these spring rolls...but the only thing is i never found the outer sheets in any grocery...i didnt know this would be quite easy and handy...thanku so much dear.....

  34. they look soo delicious, Laavanya!

  35. They look super yum n colorful Lavanya..I had spring rolls long back in Kerala I guess..This is so tempting dear..:)
    Have a great week ahead..:)

  36. I usually get the spring roll pastry. Sounds easy to make it at home.Thanks for the recipe.

  37. i am gonna try this today..looks perfect..

  38. Springs are our favorite at restaurants. The filling looks so colorful and healthy.

  39. i can have these anytime...delicious!!

  40. This looks so delicious! Totally drool worthy.

  41. WOw...u made ur own wrapper..they look awesome lavanya...

  42. WOW great recipe loved ur warpper !!!

  43. yum! ive never tried making my own spring roll wrapper, you make it look easy!

  44. This is as authentic as the Indian version of spring rolls can get! :) I'm glad you tried the batter method instead of the ready to use crispy wrappers, makes a hugeee difference in taste doesn't it? They are perfect!

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