Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spinach Pinwheels

I had a pack of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls on hand and was thinking of what to make with them. There were several options and I remember that I once made a yummy mushroom filling but wanted something different this time. Then, I eyed the big pack of spinach in the fridge and decided to make these. These can be made and rolled out ahead of time and sliced and baked just before guests arrive and make cute hors d'ouevres. The cream cheese in the filling gives a nice tang.


Crescent Rolls - 1 package (or Puff Pastry sheet would work too)
Spinach leaves - 3 cups chopped
Onion - 1 small, chopped
Garlic - 2 to 3 cloves, chopped or Garlic powder
Red Chilli flakes - 1/2 to 1 tsp
Salt, to taste
Oil - 1 tsp
Ground Black Pepper, to taste

Cream Cheese - about 3 oz [I used low fat]
Mixed herbs - a couple pinches
Pepper Jack Cheese - 2 oz, shredded

1) Heat oil in a pan and add the chopped garlic and onion. Saute this till light brown. Now add the red chilli flakes and chopped spinach with little salt. Cook till the leaves wilt and the mixture is dry.

2) Soften the cream cheese and blend in the mixed herbs and black pepper. I didn't find the need to add salt to this mixture.

3) Roll out the crescent dough after splitting along the first perforation and sealing the triangles to make 2 rectangles. Roll out each rectangle a bit and spread the cream cheese mixture on them. Top with the cooked spinach, spread this out into an even thin layer and finally top each rectangle with an ounce of shredded cheese.

4) Roll up the rectangles like jelly roll from the longest side and refrigerate covered for a few hours or until ready to use.

5) Slice each roll into 1 inch wide pieces and lay them flat on a baking tray. Bake in a 400 F oven for 15 minutes or till golden brown.


  1. Spinach, garlic, salt and pepper, these four always makes any dish wonderful. Pinwheels looks wonderful Laavanya, enjoy!:)

  2. So adorable and appetizing, especially for a party! I love spinach in anything, so this is perfect for me, Laavanya! Thanks! :)

  3. Super delicious. I am sure if i make them for a party for giving with drinks, it will be a hit

  4. Yipee Laavi, I have a crescent roll sitting in my fridge, will make these for hubby dear as soon as he is back on Thursday. Love 'em! :)

  5. This is what I envy about the US - that you get a lot of things readymade, like the dough you mentioned, filo pastry and stuff - makes life so much more easier, esp when you're entertaining and need quick starters and desserts. Your rolls look good.

  6. They look delicious. Love puff pastry and pillsbury rolls/

  7. Never bought crescent rolls. This sounds really good and I wish I would be served something like this when we're with friends!;-)

  8. there is nothing i dont like:) can i come over lav?

  9. BTW, the fudge (over on my blog) was super simple to make. I just used the MW (which I learnt only thro' blogging, can be used in a variety of ways- not just for
    re-heating food) for melting the chocolate...no fundu things like candy thermometer etc in my kitchen.;-) Remember, I'm a budding cook not an accomplished one!;-)

  10. Mmm. they look so good. Must have tasted good too.

  11. yumm!!! This one sounds delicious.... Makes a lovely starter, im sure

  12. the pin wheels look wonderful...extremely delicious!!

  13. wow nice idea and looks yummy....i love to eat spinach..thanks for the wondeful recipe

  14. Looks delicious. have been wanting to try these from when i saw it in paula deen's show. will surely make these now.

  15. Looks simply superb...agree with sra that u get so many readymade things there which we dont get in India..so its time for u to start sending us parcels of those items..:-)

  16. Great idea. AS everybody said its definitely a party appetizer .

  17. What a super accompaniment with tea. Come to think of it I think I can literally live on this and eat it the whole day!

  18. I can just imagine the guest going ooh and aah over this at a party...

  19. with cheese and spinach..it would have tasted so nice. it looks so yummy.

  20. Spinach and Cheese make awesomw combo! Simply fell in love with those pinwheels in the picture!

  21. yummy!! So perfect for after school!

  22. I have a surprise for you in my latest post at simple indian food..enjoy

  23. This is my fav.....Looks YUM!..... Love it!...nice idea of using crescent rolls.....

  24. spinach in a pinwheel? i wanna try one of these. see so many pretty "wheels" and "rolls" all over the blogoshphere :)

  25. crescent rolls are so versatile...i use them for stuffing too.....i like the sweet version of such pinwheels, the one with chocolate :P

  26. They are so gorgeous. I am loving this completely.

  27. hi lavanya...Thanks for dropping by...just i've seen ur kuska..i think mine is very similar to urs..can i add a link back to ur kuska(like similar version) in my post?

  28. Love the look of those Laav... these will really impress the guests in any party... :)

  29. Great looking ones :). The cheese is the trick in these, next time try using feta cheese or goat, they go great with spinach and pinwheels!

  30. looks so good Laav! with all that yummy stuff going in!

  31. I made these tonight dear Laavi and they were AWESOME!! I used puff pastry(the crescent roll had expired unfortunately) and the tastes came together perfectly...loved it. Thanks a ton for such a brilliant recipe :)

  32. Ohh wow, this looks so yummy Lavs... good option for vegan appetizers.. thanks for ur kind comments and a warm welcome onboard. Its like a family member welcoming me after a vacation (blog break)....

  33. Thank you Asha.. and I agree that it's a great combination.

    Thank you Kalai. Am sure you'll find it easy too.

    Thanks Happy Cook.

    Namratha, thank you so much for trying these out so promptly and letting me know. Am so happy that they turned out great! :)

    Sra, EC, I agree... there are so many things here that can make life very easy. Am sure there'll be a lot of these convenience foods in India too soon..

    Thank you Sagari & Vimmi.

    TBC, Am sure you'll love that and puff pastry.. very versatile and easy. I read that fudge recipe.. Amazingly simple indeed. Will try soon. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :)

    Of course Sia, anytime.

    Thank you Uman and Ramya, they sure did.

    Thank you Super chef & Dhivya.

    Thank you Sandhya.

    Sure EC.. :)

    Shriya, for sure. Thanks.

    Red Chillies, we had this & soup for dinner. Was quite filling too.

    Jayashree, thanks for your sweet words.

    Lavanya, unfortunately there weren't guests but definitely for next time... :)

    Thank you so much lg.

    Barefood Bindya - these would be great for an after school snack.

    Thank you Sukanya & Nags!

    Mishmash, the chocolate version is a great idea.. must try it sometime.

    Thank you Rama and Pooja.

    Dhivya, of course you can link to my Kuska post. Thanks.

    Sig, Thank you! :)

    Thank Archana.. i will.

    Richa, thank you :)

    Namratha, thanks again...

    Padma, it's good to see you again. Thanks.. but these are not vegan since they have cream cheese and cheese in them... but definitely vegetarian.

  34. That looks so delicious. Cool idea and pictures.

  35. They are great Laavanya. Nothing can beat Savory puffs. Viji

  36. I will try this with bun dough :-)

  37. Have to try this once, ..Looks really delicious..!! umm, am getting the aroma...:)

  38. Pinwheels is something I am seeing for the first time, never heard abt it before. Looks yummy :)


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