Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Creamy Broccoli Soup

I love creamy soups and this one is a low fat version to boot. This is another dish that even broccoli haters will like and I also make it spicy by adding some red chilli flakes. My daughter, husband, inlaws and some friends who have tried this were pretty happy with the result and claimed it was better than the cheese loaded broccoli soups. So, here's another winter warmer coming your way...



Olive Oil - 1 tbsp
Onion - 1, medium, chopped
Celery - 2 medium stalks, chopped (optional)
Carrot - 1 big or 2 small, chopped or grated
Potato - 1 small, peeled and chopped
Broccoli - 2 to 3 cups, chopped
Vegetable Broth - 2 cups
Low Fat milk - 1 cup
Low fat Sour Cream/ Whipping Cream - 2 tbsp
Red Chilli Flakes - 1/2 tsp or to taste
Salt and black pepper to taste


1) Heat olive oil in a stockpot and add onion, celery (if using), carrots and potato. Sauté this until the onions soften and turn translucent.

2) Now add the chopped broccoli and chilli flakes, stir for a few minutes more before adding the vegetable broth and about a cup of water. Let this come to a boil... Cover and simmer until the vegetables are cooked. Switch off the stove and allow to cool a bit.

3) Reserve a few tbsp of the vegetables and keep aside (to lend some texture to the soup). Puree the remaining with a cup of milk. Return to the pan with the reserved vegetables and add salt and pepper to taste. Add more water/milk, if required, to adjust consistency.

4) Let this heat through. When hot enough (not boiling though), add the sour cream or if you feel indulgent, whipping cream and stir.

5) Soup is now ready to be slurped with warm and crunchy garlic bread or croutons.


  1. Love the color and low fat too! Great soup for winter!:))
    Mine is Broccoli cheese soup always, love it too!:D

  2. Love the soup especially that color. I'm a cheddar lover, so I'm going try this soup with some cheese in it. Keep it coming. I'm awaiting for more of your soup recipes.

  3. Lovely soup Laav!! Perfect for the winter season.. looks like your all set with soups for this season. Looks great & a nice way to get that brocolli into our system :-)

  4. slurp, slurp:-)

    I have another low-fat version on my blog too if u r interested;-)

  5. Looks lovely!!!! I'm sure it tasted gr8 too... The picture is too good! Thanx for the recipe :)

  6. yummy and healthy soup thanks for sharing

  7. Lovely soup! :) Great for winter days! I like broccoli any way but it is not easily available here.

  8. Lovely soup! :) Great for winter days! I like broccoli any way but it is not easily available here.

  9. as long as i dont have to eat the broccoli as is, anything goes. its not that common in india, though.

  10. laav..i have to try this..i have a sad looking brocolli in the fridge that i bought in the moment of healthy-eating ;)...i bought 4 of these!!...i feel guilty everytime i open the fridge..i will let u know how it comes :)

  11. Love broccoli anytime...your soup does look lovely .

  12. wow! how did u get the reddish tinge? is it due to the chili flakes? ummmm, creamy & d-lish!

  13. Thank you Asha. I've tried your broccoli cheese soup and liked it too.. :)

    Thank you Kribha.. I think the carrot needs to be thanked for the color. I'm sure that cheese would be a great addition.

    Seema, Thank you. These are a few of the ways I can get Arun to eat his veggies.

    TBC, I do remember your gorgeous soup.. looked so thick and creamy. Our recipes are almost similar too.. :)

    Oh yes it did Ramya.. Thank you!

    Thank you Sagari.

    Latha mami, Thanks. it's a pity that it's not easily available in India.

    Nags, my husband shares the exact same sentiment... :)

    Raks, thank you.

    Rajitha, If you have 4, I would highly recommend the roasted broccoli (also posted) and this soup. Esp. now that it's comforting to cook something in the oven. You will not regret it.

    Thank you Sunita.. :)

    Richa, i think it's the combination of carrot and red chilli flakes... :)

  14. I love that unique flavour of broccoli..and I bet that bowl is perfect in taste and healthy enough..lovely and creamy!!sadly we dont get the veg here..

  15. I love brocoli soup, i make them often. But have never made them with cheese should try your version next time.

  16. The soup bowl looks gr8 dear.This is such a famous soup Uh!. Thanx for sharing. Will love to try.

  17. laav..read the suggestion u gave me on the blog and here too..great idea!! i forgot about that dish tho i wanted to make it when i had read it...i will make that

  18. Lucky Me! I have all the ingredients in my pantry rite now.. will make it tmrw..:) Thanks for such a lovely recipe dear..:)

    ~ Siri

  19. Lovely thick and creamy soups..I prefer creamy ones to watery ones!!

  20. Lavanya, Warm and comfy soup, can I get a bowl I love your crunchy croutons

  21. WOW....great recipe with low fat and healthy. If in cool days I want it my dear....Plz send me....I am hungry after see your delicious Cranberry-almond and chocolate biscotti. Looks very nice my dear.:))

  22. Swaroopa Thanks.

    Bharathy, I think broccoli needs an acquired taste.. It took me a while to like it. It doesn't have a dominating taste in this soup however.

    Rina, yeah.. you should try it sometime. THanks.

    Rajitha, let me know if you do get a chance to try it.

    Siri, that's great. Hope you get to try it.

    Rachel, i know what you mean. Thanks for dropping by.

    Sreelu, Thanks.. I actually liked it best when I dipped some garlic bread into it. Yummy.

    Sure Kajal, will definitely do that. That biscotti recipe is really good.. if it didn't have eggs you could've tried making it.


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