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Sourashtra Thakkali Pongal / Tomato Rice

My parents typically serve food to the less privileged to honor their parents (usually on their respective birthdays) and we were fortunate to be in India last year when this was happening. Typically my mom cooks a big south indian feast in huge quantities and the people are served at home on banana leaves. However, with covid restrictions they moved to a more packed version so it was easier to deliver the food instead... In order to make it easier for my mom, we ordered food from a Sourashtra catering group and boy it was fabulous!  We ordered puliyodharai (came with a tangy mixed vegetable curry), thakkali sadham (that came with a salna and onion thayir pachadi) and my mom made some delicious chakkara (sweet) pongal to go with it.  My son was so enthused about packing and marking all the boxes and putting them in the bags and handing over to those who came home or going with my brother to deliver to those who were unable to come over. Once all the distribution was done and we sat dow

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