Greek Salad

Like I've mentioned several times before we are not really salad people - although I truly wish I was for the sake of my figure (or rather the lack thereof) :)

However there are some salads that even appeals to us such as the few that I've blogged about before and this is another one that we can add to our repertoire. When I saw some tomato basil feta cheese at the grocery store, I dreamt of a yummy pizza with spinach, red onions, garlic and this feta cheese... however when I reached home and found leftover iceberg lettuce (after making these tofu wraps) and some cucumber I decided to make a salad instead (I was so happy and this time I dreamt of a thinner version of me). I figured I would have enough leftover for lunch the next day as well since I didn't quite expect my husband to like it but I was so surprised when he almost finished the salad and kept mentioning how tasty it was.



Lettuce - 3 to 4 cups, chopped into 1 inch pieces (I used iceberg)
Cucumber - 1, big, peeled & chopped [ I didn't remove seeds but you could if you want]
Tomato - 2 small, chopped
Sun dried tomatoes - 2-3, chopped (I used the ones packed in oil but without the oil)
Red Onion - 1/4 of a big one, chopped
Reduced Fat Feta cheese - 3/4 cup (crumbled - I used Athenos brand Tomato Basil Feta - 3.5 oz)

Dressing:Reduced Fat sour cream - 1 tbsp (or use thick yogurt)
Olive oil - half tbsp
Lemon Pepper Seasoning - to taste (Or use some black pepper and squeeze in some lemon juice)


1) Combine all the ingredients for the salad in a bowl.

2) In a small bowl, mix together the sour cream and olive oil with the lemon pepper seasoning and toss that into the salad...


  1. I can almost live with only salad :) Hehe that doesn't mean my scale is rewarding for that habit...
    Love ur salad great for spring time light meal...
    Wish u a Happy Tamil New year!

  2. Lovely salad ..good one for anytime of the day !!

  3. It is the best light meal option for me. I remember the greek salad in one of the outlets in Bahrain tasted very good, but they had cut the veggies in big chunks.
    I must consider making the dressing also from scratch here though!
    Yours looks so refreshingly yummy!

  4. Wow flavourful and healthy salad

  5. heathly, colourful n yum ...gud one

  6. heathly, colourful n yum ...gud one

  7. Will try this soon lavanya, nice recipe

  8. Triple like, loving this salad..

  9. Yummy salad,I am so lazy to make salad for myself, but can have it any time if someone makes for me ;)

  10. healthy colourful and flavourful salad.great in summers.

  11. Thank you everyone for your comments.


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