Wednesday, April 18, 2012

E.A.T. Sandwich

I already shared this avocado-tomato open faced sandwich that I quite love and this sandwich is essentially similar but it just incorporates a few more ingredients to make it even more satisfying - the key ingredients are Eggs (whole or just whites, your preference), Avocado & Tomato hence the name E.A.T.

When it comes to Avocado, though it has a lot of fat, it's the good kind (mono-unsaturated) which helps improve HDL levels (good cholestrol) - so it's definitely healthy in moderation. I particularly like the Hass avocados and it may take a few tries to start liking avocado and even for those who are new to it, this sandwich is a great way to introduce this buttery fruit. I sometimes add spinach leaves as well in this sandwich (either fresh or cooked lightly in olive oil) - very versatile.

For a portable variation.... skip the bread and wrap all of these in a warm whole wheat flour tortilla, you may want to replace the tomatoes with some salsa too for a mexican twist.


Ingredients: (for 1 sandwich)Hass Avocado - one half, pitted and sliced
Tomato - 4 slices
Egg - 1 or Egg whites - from 2 eggs
Whole wheat bread - 2 slices, toasted
Chili sauce or Hot and Sweet sauce or Ketchup - 1 tsp
Lemon Juice - few drops
Salt & Pepper - to taste


1) Spray a small pan with some oil and make an omlette with the egg or egg whites (depending on what you prefer), with some salt and pepper.

2) To assemble the sandwich, spread the chili sauce on one slice of bread, top with slices of the avocado and tomato slices, sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper and few drops of lemon juice on them.

3) Next add the omelette and top with the other slice of toasted bread. Cut into 2 halves and enjoy the crunchy bread with the smooth, creamy avocado with the protein power of the egg complemented by the slight tang from the tomatoes. Eat your sandwich :)


  1. The name itself attracts a lot, yummy super filling sandwich.

  2. Loved the ingredients and go into the sandwich. Good one !!

  3. Looking forward to good ripe tomatoes so I can make this one!

  4. .loved the name n pics...nice one n easy to make..

  5. Like the title- I like egg and avocado that should be great one.

  6. Like the title of your sandwich and the pics looks really tempting.


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