Monday, January 12, 2015

Date Choc-Nut bites

Since the New Year just went by, I'm sure quite a few of us have some resolutions and I think being healthy should definitely be top priority...

Here's a quick, healthy snack that can be whipped up in a few minutes and is sure to please adults and kids alike....


Dates - 12 (pitted)
Nuts - half cup (I used a mix of almonds and walnuts)
Bittersweet chocolate chips - 2 to 3 tbsp
Chocolate Protein Powder - 1/4 cup
Chia seeds - 3 tbsp (you can use flax seeds as a substitute)

1) Pulse together the dates and nuts (I used my Blendtec processor)
2) When coarse, add in the chocolate chips, chia seeds and protein powder, pulse till well combined.
3) It can stay in an airtight, dry container for a week or so with no issues at room temperature. Refrigerate for a longer shelf life and bring to room temperature before eating.

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