Friday, June 15, 2012

Strawberry Nutella Sandwiches

So, it's been a while since I added any new recipes - though I've been clicking pictures, haven't really had much time to post the recipes. Summer usually means a bit more relaxing time atleast in terms of the kids' schedules (no homework to deal with, no need to rush my daughter out for the school bus at 7:15am) - or so I thought but it has been just as hectic... I have been shuttling her to and from her ice skating camp and to a few makeup classes before our India trip next week. There's been a fair bit of shopping and I haven't even started the packing... so much to do at work too before I leave.. so I've been in panic mode....

Coming to the post today, this is a quick sandwich I made for my daughter and she loved it.. (so did my husband actually). It doesn't even warrant a recipe really and just combines two ingredients she loves so I knew that I couldn't go wrong.



Bread slices - as required
Strawberries / Bananas - few slices (washed and hulled)
Nutella (Chocolate hazelnut spread) - as required

Butter/ghee to toast


 Spread a thin layer of nutella on both slices of bread. Top one slice with strawberry (or banana) slices, cover with other slice and toast with a bit of butter or ghee till golden. 

The warm gooey nutella with the strawberries make it so tasty.

Another quick snack that I've been making for them (we all need a lot of snack recipes when kids are home, don't we?) is to make a quick chocolate fondue with several fruits and a small fork so she can dip them in the chocolate: (no pictures since this usually disappears in no time)

Combine about 2 tbsp of semi sweet choc chips and 1 tbsp of cream in a small ramekin, microwave for about 20 seconds or so and stir until the chocolate has completely melted.  Serve with slices of bananas and strawberries with a tiny fruit fork and bask in the praises of being the best mommy and the best 'cooker' in the whole world. Win-win I say (healthy and tasty).

Have an awesome summer everyone!


  1. Omg, irresistible sandwich, wish to have it rite now.

  2. Jam will do in a pinch, but I will be making these on Sunday - the only day Nutella is 'allowed' - or it would be spooned out mid-week!

  3. My Kids love these but have never tried with strawberries. I eat Nutella plain. I like to think it is healthier because there is no carb involved ;).

  4. i think my son will like it..looks yumm

  5. Ooo yum, I love all things nutella :)

  6. Very nice pictures and looks very yummy

  7. Hi Lavanya first time here, you are having such a lovely space... happy to follow you... if you have free time plz visit my space...
    sandwich tempting me....


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