Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Tribute...

We recently lost 2 wonderful food bloggers and both losses came as a total shock for me. First, it was Jayasree and now Miri (Raji). I could hardly believe my eyes when I read about this news from several bloggers... Just that weekend I was browsing Miri's blog and made her urulai roast for a friend's baby shower. She exhibited such enthusiasm and energy in all her posts and I particularly loved those that had her baking with her daughter because that is something I enjoy doing with my daughter too... Ever since I heard the news I can't stop thinking about her daughter and what she must be feeling... Miri & Jayasree, you both will be missed very much by all of us.

Here are pictures of the Potato Roast that I made from Miri's blog (which turned out just fabulous) ... the only change I made to her recipe was to first fry the onions and tomatoes in a tsp of oil before grinding them.


  1. It was an unbelievable news for me. Both have won so many hearts virtually, I cannot imagine how the little one is coping....
    A warm tribute for an amazing person.

  2. Let the departed soul rest in peace.

  3. Potatoes looks amazing..Both the bloggers had their own style and they will be surely missed..But they will be always remembered through their recipes...

  4. It's been such a shock! Both so wonderful and warm. Will surely miss them..

  5. Laavanya, yes it so very sad.

    Surely she will remain with us through her recipes and this one looks fantastic.


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