Tuesday, November 16, 2010


How often do you get inspired by airline food? For me, almost never what with me being a vegetarian - most of my airline meals consist of rice, potatoes, dhal of some sort or spinach and if i'm lucky then some paneer maybe thrown into the mix. But this time, I had the opportunity of trying some crepes with a quark and raisin filling topped with a slightly tart yet sweet cherry sauce and I was completely bowled over.

Wanting to recreate that at home, I read up about quark and decided to use ricotta cheese as it's substitute... As for the recipe for the crepes, I borrowed Alton Brown's. Not having cherries on hand it was the strawberry jam that was cooked with a touch of water to form a sauce... The resultant dish was pretty good though it didn't have the same taste as the one i had on the flight. I guess I must try with the real quark sometime.

The crepes came together in no time and that recipe is definitely a keeper. The next day morning, I made another batch and spread some nutella and topped with some banana slices and those were gobbled up in no time. I would like to try some savoury fillings next time...


Eggs (large) - 2
Milk - 3/4 cup
Water - 1/2 cup
All Purpose Flour - 1 cup
Melted butter - 3 tbsp
Butter for coating the pan

1) In a blender, combine all the ingredients and pulse together. Keep this batter in the fridge for an hour so the bubbles will subside. The batter can be made ahead and used within 48 hrs.

2) Heat a small non stick pan on medium and coat with butter, pour about 1/8 cup of batter and swirl (like you would for aapams). Allow to cook, flip over and cook the other side as well.

3) Keep the crepes separate by using a sheet of parchment paper in between.

Ricotta Filling:
Ricotta cheese sweetened with some sugar and plump raisins. Topped with a thinned down strawberry jam that has been heated to a sauce.

Nutella Filling:
Spread Nutella and arrange banana slices. Fold over and dust with some powdered sugar


  1. My family favourite..yumm crepes, droolworthy last click..

  2. Hey girlie :) long time no see. How are you?

  3. Bookmarked, I love crepes and these look beautiful !!!

  4. Crepes with egg that sounds interesting

  5. Sure sounds yummy and delicious Laavanya!

  6. Actually, airline food these days is not so bad, veg or non-veg. I remember as kids we used to get some awful pineapple/other fruit juice, it used to have a smell all its own! Ugh!

  7. Thank you Priya.

    Cynthia, it has been a long time.. How have you been?

    Thank you Priya, Apu, Sharmilee & Raks.

    Sra, i guess it depends on where we are flying... when I fly to the US from India or back.. it's usually the same fare. But I remember when I flew from Madras to Madurai and was given a sumptuous lunch - there was hardly any time to eat it though :)

  8. Crepe looks so gourmet with that sauce on top!

  9. Both my hubby and I love crepes... Yummm....

  10. visiting you after a long time Laav and sorry about that. What doesn't inspire you,I wonder. Crepe looks good. Mailing you and the two soon.

  11. Yumm yumm yummm..love to have this crepes with Nutella!!

  12. I have been planning to make crepes for so long... already finished one jar of nutella hoping to make some... ur blog may be the push i need


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