This famous Italian Dessert is one of my favourites... I particularly love how light and wonderful the mascarpone cheese tastes and also the flavour of coffee coming through. The first time I had this was at a small pastry shop which served it in cute cups with saucers. I didn't know what to expect when I first dug in but it was love at first bite. I almost always order this when we go to an Italian restaurant and sometimes give the panna cotta a chance too.. :)

Imagine my joy when I found out that this is really easy to put-together at home and can be eggless too. It takes less than 30 minutes to whip this up, once refrigerated for the flavours to blend, it's ready to enjoy... I made this for a friend's birthday and it's best to make this when you have company because it's so easy to indulge a bit more than you should...


Mascarpone Cheese - 8 oz
Heavy Whipping Cream - 10 oz
Icing (Powdered) Sugar - 5 tbsp
Espresso / Strong Coffee - about 8 ounces
Kahlua (Coffee Liquer) - 2 to 3 tsp (I didn't use this)
Lady Fingers / Sponge cake / Angel Food Cake - as required to form 2 layers.
Dark chocolate curls / grated - for garnish
Cocoa Powder - 1 tsp (for coffee mixture above) + 2 tsp for garnish

1) For the coffee mixture, boil 8 ounces of water, switch off the flame and add 2 tsp of instant coffee powder and 1 tsp of plain cocoa powder. If using kahlua add it to the coffee mixture when slightly cooled. The Coffee mixture should be lukewarm, not hot, when the cakes are dipped.

2) I used mini angel food cake that I had on hand this time but have used ladyfingers previously. If using angel food cake, cut them into small slices.

3) Beat the mascarpone cheese, whipping cream , the icing sugar and 2 to 3 tsp of the coffee mixture on medium till thick and creamy (from a liquid state it will thicken up in a few minutes).

4) Dip each piece of the cake in the coffee mixture on both sides, just for a few seconds and place them as a single layer in the serving bowl. (You can make individual desserts or put them all in one bowl like I have).

5) Top with half of the mascarpone mixture - smoothen it out.

6) Repeat by doing a second layer of coffee dipped cake and top again with the remaining mascarpone cheese.

7) Dust with cocoa powder (Take 2 tsp of cocoa in a wire-mesh sieve and sprinkle over the tiramisu). Top with chocolate curls (if using), refrigerate for atleast 5 to 6 hours or overnight.

8) Slice and dig in!

5 minutes and 4 people later:


  1. If u love coffee definetly this tiramisu is killer :) The last piece is for me right?

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this dessert!! I just read Mascarpone cheese is good for you too, so eat more!:D
    I have yet to make this at home, may be one day. Looks perfect. I see it's all gone now, nothing left for me! Hahaha!

  3. Bookmarked this Lavanya..Always want to make .But never find an opportunity..Looks toooo good

  4. hey Laav, u taking the mascarpone health claim to heart...lol
    wow! that's giving me some serious tiramasu cravings :)

  5. Yum, yum, yum, yum. I've never made tiramisu, but I have a few recipes I've printed off as I totally intend to try it. No doubt this didn't last long :)

  6. Yeah fully agree tiamisu is one of my fav dessert.
    I do make them at home, but then i add rum or Amaretto.
    And guess what I bought yesterday Kahula for making a coffee dessert.
    Will post that when i come back from my holiday

  7. OH Tiramisu hummm..means "Pick me Up". I want to pick up that piece n ur plat. Looks mouthwatering, yummmmmyyyyy!!!

  8. yummy lookin tiramisu!

  9. looks so nice and yummyy....!:)

  10. oh what a lovely dessert...i have never had this but i really want to...been wanting to make this for a long time.....absolutely delicous laavanya...is that the last piece..is it over..if not over send it to me ASAP ;D

  11. Tiramisu is my fav dessert of all times! yours looks really delicious Laavanya!

  12. This is one of my super-favorite desserts! It looks like you did a great job putting it together, looks so yummy:)

  13. wow, it looks delicious laavanya! i made tiramisu for the first time yesterday, and i guess it has come out well!! :-) ur look fantastic! :-)

  14. delicious dessert, Laavanya! Yummmy

  15. it looks delicious...but u know i have never had tiramisu!!...heard tons about it..but yet to give it a go...bookmarked :)

  16. Can I have the last piece? Looks great!

  17. I've never had Tiramisu before though I've only heard good things about it.:D I'd even bookmarked a recipe from somewhere a long time back and had meant to try it out, but that never happened.

    The last pic says it all.:D

  18. i dont know when i will be brave enough to make tiramisu myself. and i am yet to taste a really good one outside also..

  19. Mind blowingly delicious!!! Gorgeous, Laavanya! :)

  20. Wow what a tiramisu??? very very ...tempting one.

  21. Errr..could you please pass on that last one to me please? This looks superb. I have never ventured this at home. Gotta try sometime.

  22. hi lavanya
    Tiramisu looks yummmmmy Iam going to try this week end

  23. hey cool you tried tiramisu.You got real talent.Send me some!!

  24. Wow Laavanya .. That looks sooo heavenly .. i just lovvve tiramisu .. The Pic looks just perfect .. delicious entry

  25. had tiramisu,,few days back,,in a coffee shop...ur looks delicious...wow,,feel llike eatin,.,thanks for the step by step pics..now when i start bakin,,,knw where to look for tiramisu recipe..

  26. Your tiramisu has certainly been sliced and dug into.:) Looks good.
    I've never tried making it though I have recipe in one of my books calling to me everytime I open it!

  27. That's true Cham. But I enjoyed it even when I wasn't into coffee Of course, the last piece is all yours :)

    Asha, yes I read it on Richa's blog and was very happy. I can't believe you haven't made this before... considering all the exotic stuff you've tried before!

    Kamala, do give this a shot.. very easy and you won't be disappointed.

    Richa, had I read your post when I made this I would've had that last slice as well! :)

    Lisa, it was fun making and eating it.. Thanks.

    Thank you vanamala.

    Happy Cook, I added rum too the first time I made it since i didn't have kahlua. Didn't add any liquor this time because there were 2 kids who had a taste.. But that does give it a nice depth of flavor.

    Madhavi, thanks!

    Thank you evolving taste, Sra and Skribles & Shubha.

    Ranji, you haven't? Do give this a shot and let me know... That last piece was finished the same night by my husband :) Sorry

    Same here Mansi. Thanks.

    Meeso, that's awfully sweet of you.. Thank you.

    JZ, thanks. Can't wait to see yours.. am sure it it's as beautifully presented as your other dishes.

    Thank you Uma.

    What? Rajitha, I can't believe you and haven't tasted it yet. Got it for my parents when they were visiting and they loved it as well :) Didn't know it was so easy to make it then or I would've made a big bowl... Hope you get a chance to try.

    Thanks Devi Priya :)

    TBC, you too? Considering the huge mascarpone cheese (& coffee) fan you are, I'm very surprised! It's very simple to make too so you don't even need to get H involved :P

    Nags, you'll be amazed at how simple it actually is. Infact the first time I had it was in Singapore in a small pastry shop near City Hall.. it was 10 yrs ago so i don't really remember the name anymore - or I could've told you.

    Thank you Kalai.

    RC, Thank you! It's very easy really, hope you get to try.

    Rekha, Thank you, I hope you do.. let me know.

    Shri, Thanks but really it's very simple...

    Thank you Vegetable Platter, me too :)

    Thank you notyet100. The good thing here is you can control the amt of coffee and liquor going oin . Also, you don't need to bake anything.. just mix, layer and refrigerate... :)

    Aparna, you bake such complicated and beautiful breads... this is nothing in comparison. The friend, whose birthday I used an excuse to make this, liked it and so did the rest of us. I've made it a few times now and it's never been disappointing.. so do try it sometime.

  28. Amazing and delicious dessert, Laavanya!

  29. all the pics look very tempting lavanya ,reallyyy yummy dessert

  30. woo there r lots of work it seems?...no doubt its tastier....my daughter would surly lov this tiramisu...

  31. Laavanya-

    the pictures on the making of the Tiramisu are super, what a great dessert.

  32. Wow! That looks really awesome...and delicious! Its been so long since I had Tiramisu... and now i will be thinking of it the whole day :)

  33. you actually made this yourself!!?!?!yummy.. it looks sooo damn good!! Naveen would love this. I hope I can get myself to make it someday

  34. Wow, wonderful !! Never ever thought of making this triamisu at home :) !!
    Looks so delicious !! bookmarked !!

  35. tiramisu is my all-time favorite, but never made it though.. I'm craving for it now.. and your recipe inspires me to try this..

  36. Gosh... looks heavenly and decadant. This is the one dessert that I order every single time at olive garden. I can see from the picture that everything is gone which proves the taste. Thanks for sharing.

  37. delicious looking tiramisu and great step wise pics!too good lavs!

  38. lav, can i have one slice of it or have u finished it already? tiramisu is my fav dessert and i cant get enough of it...

  39. I have tasted it just once and tht too in european flight....:(

    Would love to make it.....urs look so delectable

  40. thanks for dropping by and u have a lovely blog!Wonder how they left one in the plate,Did u hide it somewhere to take the pic?

  41. Heard a lot about this.But never dared to make it.Somehow i think that i won't be able to make it..:).Yours looks so droolworthy..

  42. Ohhh I love Tiramisu, u are making me feel like having some now!!!!

  43. I love tiramisu and yours looked perfect !

  44. I tried this and it came out very well. Thanks!

    1. So glad to hear that Anon :) Sorry for this late response but I just saw your comment.


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